6 Reasons Why Exercise Is Vital During Pregnancy

exercise during pregnancyIf you are in two minds about getting active and exercising during your pregnancy, here are six reasons to help you decide:

  1. Exercise helps build strength and stamina. When you undergo labor preceding the birth of your child you will realize just how much strength and stamina you will need! So do yourself a favor and build up both.
  2. Exercise helps improve emotional help. There are several stresses and mood alterations that you may experience during pregnancy; exercise helps to keep those in control as well.
  3. Exercise helps with weight management. Proper exercise during your pregnancy will help to keep your weight gain to the prescribed amount during pregnancy, so that it will be that much easier for you to lose the extra weight after the baby arrives.
  4. Exercise is even good for the health of the unborn baby.
  5. Several pregnancy symptoms may be eased by exercise. Headache, fatigue, constipation, water retention and swelling could all be helped by regular exercise during pregnancy.
  6. Exercise can help to reduce the risk of a premature birth by as much as 50% according to research.

Just remember to clear all that you do with your doctor, remember to drink plenty of water and healthy nutritious food and don’t overdo it; and if something doesn’t feel right, stop.


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