Exercise During Pregnancy – Myths and Facts

There seem to be all sorts of dos and don’ts that people caution pregnant women about, particularly with regard to exercise. We decode some of the facts and myths that surround exercise during pregnancy:

Exercising means that baby doesn’t get requisite nourishment – Myth

Pregnancy ExercisesThe fact is that baby will take what he or she needs, and will thrive regardless – research has shown that it could be that the mother feels rundown if she doesn’t have sufficient nutrient intake, but there is no similar problem for the baby.

And the best thing to do for baby and mother is, to eat smaller more frequent and healthy meals through the day.

I am not used to exercising so I cannot start during pregnancy – Myth

It is never too late to start to exercise and that includes after conception. If you never exercised before now is the time to consult your doctor and then start an appropriate program starting gently and still derive the benefits of exercising.

There are lots of exercises that I cannot do during pregnancy – Myth and Fact

It was thought earlier that swimming causes miscarriage but we now know that swimming is among the best kinds of exercise to do during pregnancy. However certain exercises, that involve lying on the back, and assuming certain positions are not suitable.

Also contact sport is inappropriate, as is any kind of sport that requires balance since it increases the chances of falling and injury. Another thing to be aware of is that pregnancy tends to soften the ligaments leading to greater flexibility and increased range of motion.

However exercise should still be performed with caution since the increased range of motion can lead to injury. Also exercises that involve deep muscle and joint motion such as heavy lunges and squats should be avoided.


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