Are Exercises During Pregnancy Safe to Do?

Doing exercises during pregnancy is something that should be considered. There are many benefits, including helping to prepare for labor at the end of the nine months. However, there are some exercises that are safer than others.

Safe exercises during pregnancy

Most exercises are safe to do when expecting a baby, including running, walking and swimming. However, there are some that will become a little more difficult during the later stages of pregnancy. Running is an excellent option during the first trimester but as the bump gets bigger and the baby weighs more, this aerobic exercise will become hard – jogging or power walking may be easier options.

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise during pregnancy and is safe to do at all stages. The water will not harm the baby because it will not get through the uterus and into the placenta.

In fact, swimming is extremely beneficial during the last trimester, when back pain and loose ligaments become a problem. The water will support the whole body weight, which offers a lot of relief on tired muscles.

Exercises during pregnancy to avoid

While no exercise will be dangerous in itself, there are some forms of exercise to avoid. The mains ones are those that will involve having to balance or where there are possibilities of falling.

Horseback riding and activities like skydiving or rock climbing are exercises during pregnancy worth avoiding because there are chances of falling and damaging the baby.

Cycling is an excellent form of aerobic exercise during pregnancy but your balance will become an issue during the later stages. Because of this, you may want to avoid going out to cycle. However, stationary bikes are still something to consider since there is less chance of falling off them.

Dangers of exercises during pregnancy

While exercising is good for you, there are things that you should consider – remember that there is an extra person to think about. One major problem is overexertion and this is possible with all forms of exercise. It is important to look out for when you are pushing your body too much.

The problem with overexertion is that your body will heat up – both inside and out. Most of the time, this is not a problem because you are able to sweat; however it is a problem when a fetus is involved. The baby will be trapped inside your body and will also start to overheat. This will put the baby under a lot of unnecessary stress.

When you should not do exercises during pregnancy

There are times when exercise during pregnancy is not the best option. This is when you are just starting out with exercise. You should not try something new as you will be more prone to injury during your pregnancy term. If you do want to try something and gain the benefits of doing exercise, talk to your doctor or midwife to find out your safer options.

You should also avoid training too much and not push your body too much. Not only will you risk overexertion but you will also risk injury. Pregnancy is not the time to start training for a marathon or large event like a triathlon.


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