All About Exercising While Pregnant

There are a lot of women who opt for exercising while pregnant. Although in the past this was considered to be dangerous, in our days the majority of the health care providers suggest that women should have some physical activity to be healthy during their pregnancy and for the baby to be healthy too.

Who shouldn’t have pregnancy exercises?

In some cases it’s not advisable to have any exercises. This is the case of women with diseases like heart disease, asthma and diabetes. Some of the exercises could also be harmful if a woman is affected by pregnancy related problems, such as spotting, bleeding, and recurrent or threatened miscarriage.

Exercising While PregnantIn the same time the exercises for pregnant women should also be avoided if women had previous premature births, if they have a history of early labor or if they have a weak cervix. Before you start with any kind of exercise program you should check with your doctor first.

Safe exercising during pregnancy

Usually the exercises are safe to be performed during pregnancy. However you should make sure that you are careful and that you don’t overdo the exercises. The safest exercises include swimming, stationary cycling, brisk walking, elliptical or step machines and also low impact aerobics.

The good thing about the pregnant women’s exercises is that they come with low risks of injury and you can go on with them until birth. You could also practice racquetball or tennis. However you should remember that the center of gravity of women shifts, and so you could have some problems with balance.

Some other workouts for pregnant women like jogging can also be performed especially if you were practicing them before you got pregnant too. Nonetheless keep in mind to do them in moderation. It is best to go for those activities that don’t require coordination and balance especially as the pregnancy progresses.

Exercises to avoid

In some cases exercises while pregnant could turn out to be dangerous because they could harm the baby. Activities of this kind include those that require you to hold your breath, the activities that come with the risk of falling like horseback riding and skiing, and contact sports like football, softball, volleyball and basketball.

The other exercises during pregnancy that you should avoid include those that could cause abdominal trauma, like the exercises that require fast changes of direction, the activities that require hopping, jumping, bouncing, skipping or running, activities with knee bands, sit ups and double leg raises.

Also the workouts while pregnant that require you to bounce and stretch, do movements of waist twisting while standing up, exercise spurts followed by no activity and workouts in humid and hot weather are just not right for you.

As you can see you could be exercising during pregnancy but there are some activities that you should avoid during this time. Also remember that you shouldn’t turn into a couch potato just because you are pregnant. There are a lot of activities that you could do.


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