Is Pregnancy Pilates Safe to Do?

Many pregnant women start to wonder whether exercise is a good idea while they are pregnant. The answer to this is that it is a good idea and offers a variety of benefits.

However, you do need to be careful with the types of exercise that you do. For those who are new to exercise, pregnancy Pilates is probably one of the best things for you.

What is pregnancy Pilates?

There is hardly anything different between Pilates in pregnancy and the exercise in general. It still uses the same idea of strengthening the muscles. There is just more focus on certain areas, including the stomach, pelvis and back. This helps to support the body during the different pregnancy trimesters and also when it comes to labor.Pregnancy Pilates

Pilates while pregnant is an excellent way to keep fit while doing very little that will harm the baby.

There is no chance of falling from a high platform – such as if you went horseback riding – and there is less chance of become overexerted. This is something that many doctors recommend for pregnant women.

How pregnancy Pilates will help

As well as improving the core muscles, this form of exercise will also aid with improving balance. This is something that usually becomes affected in the later stages of pregnancy. The core muscles are strengthened and the alignment is helped, which help with evenly distributing weight.

Warnings for pregnancy Pilates

While Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for pregnant women, it is not something to start while pregnant. There are a number of dangers and considerations that need to be taken. This is the same for any form of exercise that you start during the term of your pregnancy.

The problem with starting Pilates while pregnant is that hormones change. This is also the time that the joints become weaker. Overstretching becomes a danger, which will cause more problems and not just while pregnant. It is highly recommended that you talk to your doctor before you start any form of exercise while pregnant.

How pregnancy Pilates is done

There are three stages of pregnancy and these are taken into account during the exercises. The first month is the time when fewer restrictions are in place – although you should still consult your doctor and refrain from overexertion. Intermediate Pilates is a possibility during this stage of pregnancy.

The second trimester is when some of the exercises will start to get difficult. It is worth starting to make the movements smaller and to look at modifying the exercises. The instructor should help you to do this. However, intermediate level Pilates is still a possibility during this time.

Modifications are essential when it comes to the final trimester. You will need to limit the amount of time that you are lying on your back, which will mean that many of the exercises cannot be done. You should find that a workout ball or a seat is offered to help with the exercises during this time. Other modifications will also be made to help with the size of the bump.


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