The Outdoor Activities and Sports for Pregnancy Months

Pregnancy is a memorable period in the life of a woman. It brings along with it joy, excitement, complacency, nervousness and a plethora of emotions. The joy when you realize that you are pregnant is inexplicable and it also dictates a couple of dos and don’ts which you should keep in mind during pregnancy.

Exercising is very good not only for your health but also for your developing baby but you cannot engage in all kinds of activities during this period. Consult your obstetrician and discuss with her what activities are safe for you.

outdoor activities and sports for pregnancy months

Some Outdoor Activities to Engage In During Pregnancy are


This activity by far is the best to be considered during pregnancy. It is certainly the best cardiovascular exercise for a pregnant woman. If you generally lead a sedentary life, you should begin with slow walking during pregnancy and gradually build up to brisk walking and is the safest activity to continue during the nine months of pregnancy.


This seems the perfect and fun filled activity to do during pregnancy. For kayaking, you just need to sit in a kayak and paddle around on the tranquil water peacefully. It involves no stress or exertion. You can pull off this activity with ease during the first few months of pregnancy but during the later stages of advanced pregnancy, only if you are comfortable doing this activity, go right ahead and do it. Otherwise abstain from such activities. Renting out a kayak is another great option where you don’t have to deal with all that storage and transportation.

Paddle Boarding 

It is an enriching experience to be out in the placid blue waters. Sitting or kneeling on a paddle board is perfect for a pregnant lady. You need not stand on it if you are uncomfortable. Just sit back and relax the beauty of nature and the lazy ride on it.

Running and Jogging

Runners continue to exercise during pregnancy and hence they put on less weight, have small labour period and thinner babies. In case of complications during pregnancy, you have to seek the advice of a healthcare provider and stop jogging in such cases. Your health care practitioner will give you the proper suggestions related to jogging and running.


Riding a bike or cycling is some of the best exercises you can do during pregnancy. Cycling might become somewhat uncomfortable during the last trimester of pregnancy and can then be avoided.

Some Sports You Can Play During Your Gestation Period


This is a very good exercise you can do during pregnancy, as water assists in supporting your extra weight. This indeed can be a huge relief, especially in your third trimester. It improves your circulation, builds up endurance and boosts your body’s capability to process and utilize oxygen that is much required for your baby. It also helps to counteract the enhanced back pain due to your expanded belly.


This is a very good sport to play during pregnancy. Playing badminton can improve the tone and strength of your muscles. Some amount of exercise is very good during this period as it reduces the delivery time and contributes to the overall health and fitness of your body.

You are the best judge of your health and hence indulge in only those activities which are comfortable and would make you happy. There is a multitude of activities to choose from and the advice of your obstetrician is very important in this respect.


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