Pregnancy Exercises to Be an Active Future Mommy

For sure you know that pregnancy exercises are very important during this period to be in good shape and to prepare your body for childbirth.

Before you start with any kind of exercise, you should make sure to discuss it with your health care provider to ensure that the activity is safe for you.

Information about exercises during pregnancy

If you have been exercising before you got pregnant, you should adapt your routine to the new situation and continuously change it as your pregnancy progresses. It is advisable to keep your heartbeat under 140 bpm. This way you won’t overheat, which is important during the first trimester.

Pregnancy ExercisesKegel exercises

It is said regarding exercises during pregnancy that the women practicing these exercises find childbirth easier. If you strengthen the muscles, you will have greater control over them during labor and birth.

Also if the muscles are toned you could avoid common pregnancy problems such as hemorrhoids and bladder leaks.

The pregnancy exercises could be practiced after pregnancy to support healing, to strengthen the pelvic muscles and also to regain the control over the bladder.

The best thing about these exercises is that you can practice them everywhere and at any time and nobody will ever know.


There are many specialists who say that the safest exercises during pregnancy include swimming. The advantage is that it tones the muscles without putting pressure on the joints or muscles. During swimming the heart rate is elevated and so it is great cardio exercise and there is no danger of overheating.


Specialists suggest pregnant women to practice such pregnancy exercises because they are safe for the body. It is a lot better for the knees and you could do it according to schedule.

Before starting, you should stretch a little and start slowly. Make sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes.

Jogging and running

In case you have been running before, you could go on with this one of the exercises during pregnancy. On the other hand, if you didn’t have a habit of running, you should talk to your doctor or midwife before starting with it. When you run make sure that you are well hydrated.


The advantage of this one of the pregnancy exercises is that it supports your weight, this way there is less pressure on the body. Exercising on a stationary bike is a great option because it is sure that you won’t fall. The growing belly makes the center of gravity shift, so you are more prone to falling.

Stair climbing machines

Just as in the previous case, this one of the exercises during pregnancy represents a small danger of falling because you get support from the side rails. This is a great exercise to increase your heart rate, so it is good cardio.


Yoga is known as one of the best pregnancy exercises and it is good because it relieves pressure and stress from the body. The majority of the yoga types are suitable for pregnant women if they aren’t too rigorous. Some of the instructors have special classes for expectant women.

When practicing these exercises during pregnancy, women shouldn’t be lying flat on their back for long and they should avoid overstretching. There are also some DVDs that offer instructions to practice yoga in the intimacy of your own home.

You can see that there are many different kinds of pregnancy exercises for you to practice to stay active during your pregnancy as well. They are good for your body and they also make labor and childbirth easier than it would be otherwise.


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