Pregnancy Workouts: Best Butt Exercise

From the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy to delivery, every woman tends to put on some weight which is natural. The percentage of the storage of fats gets increased every month while you are expecting a baby. The maximum number of fats get stored in the lower back portion. It is necessary to keep yourself and your butt toned during the stage of pregnancy. Doing some exercise is good in the pregnancy months, but, you should bear in mind that you should not do intense exercise while you are pregnant. Mild workouts are advised at the time of pregnancy which will keep your body in good shape and will not increase fats on your butt.

Have a look at the convenient workouts which can be incorporated in your fitness regime.

Pregnancy Workouts: Best Butt Exercise

  • Swim once in a day

Swimming has always considered as one of the best exercises of all times. Join a swim center to freshen up your body and mind in the cool water of the pool. Paddle your hands and legs in a slow manner in the water. The swimming exercise will relax your muscles and will not let excessive fats to store in your lower back portion.

  • Leg and hand exercise

Place a soft mat on the floor. Touch your knees and hands on the soft object on the floor. Slowly, you should raise your right leg and bring the leg behind your hip. Keep your knee straight. Hold yourself in that posture for 10 minutes. Now, repeat the exercise again with your left leg.

  • Workout with a stool

Keep a stool in front of you. Keep your right foot forward on the leg of the stool, stretching your body in the upward position. While doing so, you should make sure that your shoulders and back are in a straight position. Now, you put your right foot back on the floor. Repeat the same with your left leg. Continue this workout for a few more minutes with both feet.

  • Stroll around

Walking is the best activity; hence, walking around for half an hour is not only good for your heart but also for your overall body. You do not have walk fast in order to lose some pounds from your butt. Walk at a normal pace and enjoy the leisure of walk. Make a habit of walking in outdoors twice a day. The walking exercise during pregnancy will tighten the butt muscles and will keep your butt in perfect shape.

  • Stretch a little

Move your hands and legs slowly in upward and downward position. You can stretch your legs and hands while you move your body. Bend yourself and touch your hands to the feet. This will help you stretch your back, putting a positive pressure on your back and keeping your butt toned.

  • Indulge in cardio exercise

The cardiovascular exercise is highly recommended for pregnant ladies. Join a fitness centre to have a mild cardio exercise for around 20 minutes on a daily basis. Your trainer will make you do the exercise in a proper way. The cardiovascular workout will tone your booty throughout your pregnancy period.

  • Prenatal Plies

Plies are a successful exercise of butt that is good for you to do best at the time of your third trimester. If you feel that your back needs good support at the time of your third trimester or just want some additional support, you must try doing plies using a average steadiness ball. Place the ball among your lower back and the wall. Walk a little forward like few inches and turn your toes out. Lower your nether most part just down and come back up to initial position. Be self-assured that you keep breathing throughout the exercise, inhaling when you down and exhaling when you come up.

  • Squats

Fitness fanatics are aware that squats are trendy and they are on top list when it comes to best butt-toning exercises. Pregnancy may offer you some additional incentive to do your squats. This exercise can also upsurge the rotation of the baby and deliver out standing fetal circulation. If you mustn’t been doing squats, you should begin by making use of a chair. Holding the back of a solid chair, go down to your bottom if you are going to sit on the chair. Gradually return to the initial position and keep practicing for two sets of 15. Your lower back will become stronger as and when you will do this exercise aim to increase time by 30 to 60 seconds.

However, ensure that you consult your doctor before getting into any kind of exercise regime.


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