Pregnant? Get Plenty Of Exercise

What we are told today is a far cry from a few decades ago, when pregnant women were advised not to exert, and to take rest, not just by family and friends but also by their doctors. Today, however, pregnant women are advised to exercise and keep active throughout their pregnancy.

pregnant women exerciseThough pregnant women in the gym and women such as marathon runner Rachel Booth who was running well into the seventh month of her pregnancy do still get strange looks from people, it is important for pregnant women to remain active.

Doctors now advise that pregnant women should get exercise so long as their pregnancy is a low risk one. The benefits are many –

  • It lowers chances of getting gestational diabetes
  • It prevents too much pregnancy weight gain
  • It can help build mental stamina as well as physical stamina, both of which can be useful in helping a woman when in labor

Even if one is inactive, one can make a start during pregnancy since this is a great time for women to start a healthy new habit – and it is a lot easier to start during pregnancy than later, post partum or after the new baby arrives.


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