Pregnant? Precautions To Take While Exercising

pregnancy exerciseDoctors today advise pregnant women to be as active as they can be and to make sure that they exercise during pregnancy. However the following exercising precautions during pregnancy should be kept in mind –

  • If a woman has any pregnancy complications or has a risk of pre-term labor, then they may have to take it easy during pregnancy. Here the doctor’s instructions as to what is suitable and what is to be refrained from is to be followed.
  • Sports that have high physical impact are not suitable during pregnancy due to the fear of any physical trauma occurring.
  • Also activities that have a higher chance of falling such as skiing and even to an extent biking, which could result in injury and physical trauma should be avoided since this could result in an injury to the unborn baby and mother.
  • If you are planning to train for a major event like a marathon or similar, pregnancy is probably not the best time to start.
  • Women can continue with a regular exercise routine so long as she feels good about it, and scales down the intensity somewhat.
  • Start small – 20 to 30 minute walks, or gyms that cater specifically to pregnant women would be a good idea.


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