9 Safe Pregnancy Exercises to Perform During Pregnancy

- Exercises that every pregnant woman must do.

It’s not so long ago when exercises during pregnancy were strictly avoided. But situations today have completely changed for many exercises are widely suggested, as a workout session essential for both the mother and the baby’s health.

Performing a continuous workout session during pregnancy helps in not only staying healthy but also in giving you a great feeling. These exercises are also useful in the improvement of your posture and the reduction of health problems such as backache and weakness.

If you are suffering from diseases such as diabetes or if you’re a victim of pregnancy-related trauma, you must start working out as soon as possible. Though, no doctor recommends for marathon practices, there is an extensive list of easy and hearty exercises, which can be performed in your days of gestation. Know what is in the trainer’s bag for your healthy pregnancy.

1. Kegel Exercises

pregnancy exercises

This is recommended for almost every female who is expecting. A kegel exercise is very useful in strengthening the muscles and the development of the ability to control muscle pains during delivery.

A kegel workout harmonizes muscles, which is very effective in diminishing two common pregnancy problems namely: bladder leaks and hemorrhoids. It assists in many pregnancy-related obstacles such as perineal healing, bladder control, and the strengthening of the pelvic muscles.

These exercises are supposed to be best in gaining control after delivery. Most importantly, they can be performed anywhere and at any time.
pregnancy exercises

2. Swimming

Swimming is considered a complete exercise and is in accordance with the experts’ recommendation. This is perhaps safe exercise for would-be moms.

Swimming is able to keep the performer’s body toned without putting any stress on the joints of the body. Swimming not only gives control on the heart rate but also allows you to perform beneficial cardiovascular exercises for pregnancy.

Swimming is indeed considered as a wonderful exercise. It really helps expecting moms a lot. However, it is not supposed to move up to the level wherein the would-be mother already performs adventurous water sports such as paragliding and water rafting.

3. Walking

One of the safe exercises, walking is good not only for pregnant females but also for everyone. It helps the body have a continuous blood flow. Walking is comfortable for the knees. However, do not forget to wear your sports shoes before you begin it, as sometimes excessive walking can cause pressure on your feet.

pregnancy exercises

4. Running and jogging

Jogging is included in the list of pre-gestation exercises and you must continue in performing these routines most especially if you are now a would-be mother. Nevertheless, do not forget to consult your healthcare provider as in some cases it can cause severe problems. While running, you must also ensure that you are well hydrated without overheating. Take note that bringing with you a good jogging kit is a prerequisite.

5. Bicycling or biking

Remember your school days when you opt for biking. A biking exercise supports the weight of the body and puts lesser stress on it. Opt for a stationary bike, as it is more comfortable and you will not fall easily. Therefore, instead of going for rash biking, start slowly and casually. While biking, you must not try to go beyond your body’s optimum capacity to the point of overexertion.

6. Stair climbing machines

Although the side rail incorporated machines possess a risk of falling, these rails provide a great support overall. This is considered as a fabulous exercise to control the rates of your heartbeat.
pregnancy exercises

7. Yoga

The ancient Indian meditative art is introduced as a boon in modern prospect. Yoga is very helpful in relieving mental stress, as well as physical pressures.

Almost every form of yoga is trusted as beneficial for expectant ladies but you must not gear yourself up for few tough postures, as these can be harmful. A regular practice of yoga in the days of childbearing endows the would-be mother with lots of benefits. Some of them are:

  • An increment in flexibility.
  • Enhanced lubrication of body joints, its ligaments and several tendons.
  • Yogic postures offer complete nourishment to the body.
  • These are supposed to be awesome body toners as well.
  • Different Yogic Paranayams have shown a great impact on moderation of mood and offered a great peace of mind as well.
  • You generally suffer from the problem of indigestion during your days of pregnancy, switch to yoga. Yoga is a great healer and puts command on almost every physical problem during pregnancy.
  • It also helps in the reduction of fat, which are generally stored by females during gestation.
  • A continual practice of yoga not only prevents from common pregnancy injuries but also heals the said injuries as well.

pregnancy exercises

8. Aerobics

Aerobics is your old love but you are hesitating to perform it during pregnancy days. You must not. As a matter of fact, practicing aerobics is important to keep you fit. Nevertheless, maintaining balance to perform aerobics is impeccably a bit difficult in pregnancy but gaining support from a healthcare provider and your fitness trainer will be very effective. They can suggest you an easier program and a careful practice is equally important.

9. Dancing

Dancing has the similar effect. You can shake your body with tunes anywhere whether it is at your home or in the gym. Some physical trainers offer special dancing classes for pregnant ladies.

While performing exercises during the period of pregnancy you must take care of some of the most important things. You should try to do some helpful exercises that are recommended for pregnant women.
pregnancy exercises
However, many females try to continue tough muscle building exercises too. In this aspect you should not follow them, as these exercises can lead you to severe pre and post delivery difficulties.

If you are an adventure lover and often go for outdoor sports such as horse riding, water skiing and plain skiing, pregnancy is the time when you have to put a pause from all of this exhilaration. This may be wonderful but it is considered fatal during pregnancy days.

Nonetheless, a regular and easy work-out session endorses you with many benefits. It keeps your heart under the rate of 140 beats per minute and assists you a lot in avoidance of overheating. Bonus information – in accordance with some in-depth observations, females who are physically active are more likely to have an easy delivery.

Indeed, many research results and clinical trials have showed significant results that introducing exercises during pregnancy not only increase the pain threshold but the comfort level of the mother as well. Thus, start it out. Today is never too late.

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