Safety Measures To Lift Weights During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you need not completely avoid lifting weights.

In fact, weight training exercises are one of the best ways to stay fit during pregnancy.

You can use weights during your routine workouts to build good muscle strength. However, it is essential for you to follow certain precautions when doing so.

  1. Talk to your doctor: This is the first and foremost thing you have to consider when lifting weights, if you are pregnant. Take necessary suggestions and ask questions like is it safe, how much weight is OK?
  2. Pick lighter weights and practice more reps: This is one of the best ways to ensure safety while lifting weights or practicing workouts with them. So, try to pick lighter weights and practice more reps during your workout.
  3. Concentrate on your upper body: Lift weights to improve your upper body and also to strengthen the muscles of your abdominal. This will help your body and assist you during childbirth.
  4. Don’t lift weights that are too heavy: This is extremely important when you are practicing weight training exercises during pregnancy [Pregnancy Exercise]. Lifting weights that are too heavy causes forceful exhalation, particularly when releasing the weight, and constricts airflow to uterus.

Don’t forget to hydrate your body thoroughly when you are practicing weight lifting workouts. Drink plenty of water and healthy fluids when you are pregnant.


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