Start Your Pregnant Exercise Routine

Congratulations on your pregnancy! If you are an avid runner or a fitness fanatic, you are probably looking for a pregnant exercise routine that you can do. Even if you are not an avid fan of fitness, you should consider adding fitness to your regime because there are a number of benefits; if you are new to fitness you should talk to your doctor first.

Start your pregnant exercise routine with a warm up

The last thing you want is an injury from exercise and you can limit the chances of this happening by opting for a warm up. This will help to get the blood pumping around the system and will warm the muscles.

By being warm, the muscles will be able to stretch more when you do your training, which means there are fewer chances that they will pull and tear. A warm up is something that you should do as part of your routine anyway.pregnant exercise

Avoid lying on your back during a pregnant exercise routine

While lying on your back is fine for your first trimester, after this it will cause a problem.

Lying on your back will decrease the amount of oxygen that is able to pass around your system, which leads to complications for the baby. This is when an exercise ball or workout bench will come in use because you can put yourself on an angle.

This will mean that you may need to avoid some exercises such as Pilates and Yoga. However, there are pregnancy versions of these, which are things that you should consider. Talk to your instructor to find out what is available for you while you are expecting.

Avoid an outside pregnant exercise routine in heat

If it is hot, your sweat will not be able to evaporate. This is a risk for anyone but being pregnant, you are more at risk of overheating, which will cause problems for the baby. You should avoid being outside in the heat as much as possible – if you need to be, drink plenty of water. Switch for swimming or an indoor session for exercise.

Make some changes to your pregnant exercise routine

During the later stages of pregnancy, your balance will be affected. This will mean that parts of your routine will be affected. Activities such as running and cycling may become an issue, unless you are experienced. Make a few changes by switching running for walking and cycling indoors if you want to continue them.

You should also look for exercise that will benefit you more during pregnancy, such as swimming – the water will support your body and help to relieve some of the pain that is experienced.

A spin class is still possible during pregnancy and is an excellent form of exercise. However, you will need to make a few changes and avoid some of the routine due to your balance being an issue. Avoid standing up on the pedals just in case you lose your balance and fall off the bike.


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