The Proper Workouts for Pregnant Women

It is true that you shouldn’t perform physical work, but there are some special workouts for pregnant women. These help you increase you flexibility and strength. You don’t need a lot of time for them; ten minutes per day are enough. In order to perform the exercises correctly, you should check with an instructor before starting.

Arm and upper back stretch as pregnant women’s workout

You should repeat this exercise 5 times, and all you have to do is to put your arms above your head.

Make sure that the elbows are straight and that the palms are facing each other. Hold position for about 20 seconds. Then lower your arms to your side, while keeping your back straight. Then bring your hands in the back as much as you can and then stretch.

Workouts for Pregnant WomenAbdominal muscles pregnant women’s workout

Before actually starting the workouts for pregnant women you should check for the separation of the abdominal muscles to avoid further separation of them.

You should know that in fact the muscle is separated by a seam, so it is actually made up by two halves.

Because of the hormones that are produced during pregnancy, this seam softens since the muscle has to accommodate. In case the seam gets too stretched, the abdominal muscle could get separated.

This separation can happen slowly or suddenly. Since there is no direct pain, you might not be aware of the separation.

Pelvic tilt

This is one of the most important pregnant women’s workouts because it offers you good posture. It strengthens the back and the abdominal muscles in the same time. To perform the exercise you have to lie on your back and bend your knees. Then inhale and tighten the muscles in the back and in the buttocks.

Flatten your back against the floor, making your pelvis rise. Hold position for a few seconds, then exhale and start over this type of workout for pregnant women.

Forward sit-up as pregnant women workout

Just as in the case of the previous pregnant women’s workout you will have to lie on your back and bend your knees. Inhale through your nose and exhale through partially pursed lips while raising your head, keeping your hands at the back of your head or pointing towards your feet. Move your back off the floor, but no more than 45 degrees.

Diagonal sit-up

Start in the same way as in case of the previous workouts for pregnant women. After inhaling move your right hand towards your left leg and raise your right shoulder off the floor. Exhale while keeping the left leg bent and with the heel on the ground.

Kegel exercises as pregnancy workout

This one of the pregnant women’s exercises is meant to train the muscle that helps you start and stop urinating. These muscles also sustain the growing baby and help you during labor and in many other situations.

In order to perform this example of the workouts for pregnant women, stop the flow of urine a few times. This is the only way to do this pregnancy workout.


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