Top 5 Yoga Moves to Strengthens your body for Delivery

Yoga will improves flexibility, strength, calms downs physical and mental stress. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that contributes to relaxed body, mind and soul. Yoga is not only beneficial to normal individuals but, it is also beneficial for pregnant women. Pregnant women can face many physical and mental challenges during this period. By performing these yoga asanas, you can relax the mind, helps to reduce pain and tension.

5 Prenatal Yoga Moves for Healthy Delivery

Prenatal yoga reduces pains, aches, increases abdominal strength, legs, back and prepares you for healthy delivery. These 5 moves will help alleviate pain and strengthens her body for delivery.

Top 5 Yoga Moves to Strengthens your body for Delivery

  1. Tadasana or Standing Mountain Pose
    Tadasana will use each and every muscle in your body. It improves the posture, reduces back pain, and strengthens knees, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Stand on the yoga mat with feet farther, bend your hips, knee slightly bent. Join your both hands in the namaskara pose (two palms touching to each other). Inhale deeply and sweep your arms overhead by bending your back slightly. Exhale and come back to the same namaskara pose. Continue this for 10 breaths. Do this asana as slowly as possible.
  2. Trikonasana or Supported Triangle Pose
    Trikonasana is basically of three types namely utthita trikonasana, parvrtta trikonasana and badhha trikonasana. This asana mainly strengths ankle, thighs and knees. Stand on the yoga mat with feet farther than your shoulder ratio. Face your right toe outside and left toe forward. Bend your right leg by placing your right hand on right thigh. Do this by raising your left hand above the shoulder level, hold there for few seconds and come back to the normal position. Repeat this with the other leg and continue this for 5 breaths.
  3. Supported Squat
    Take 3-4 pillows, stack them on the ground. Stand straight on your feet, bend your knees into a deep squat position and sit on them. Put your both palms together in namaskara pose at the centre of your chest. Close your eyes take a deep breath and make yourself relax. Repeat this for 10 breathes. (Do not do this position if you are experiencing any signs of premature labor)
  4. Marjaryasana – Bitilasana or Cat-cow pose
    This pose is good for all stages of pregnancy, it is advisable for every stage because this pose stretches the belly and helps in healthy delivery. Cat pose is called as marjaryasana while, cow pose is called as bitilasana. As the name suggests, rest your legs and hands on the ground like cat or cow. Then alternatively bend your back down resembling like cat head facing down and look above by lengthening your spine just like cow. Repeat this for 10 breaths.
  5. Balasana or Child pose
    Balasana or child pose in the asana resembling child resting pose. This asana can strengthen your thigh, ankle and hip. Balasana is easy and simple keeps you relaxed as a child. It starts with vajrasana or virasana, by folding your legs. Raise your hands, stretch them forward and touch the ground. Breathe deeply to relax yourself and continue to do this for 5 breaths.

Along with these poses you can always perform belly breathing exercises, to perform this sit in a comfortable position, by placing your hands on the lower belly. Close your eyes breathe deeply, concentrate on your pelvic muscles and exhale slowly. Repeat this for few minute and relax. All these above yoga posses are good for healthy delivery. But it is advisable to perform under guidance of expert yoga trainer at comfortable place like your house.


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