Your Two Most Important Pregnancy Exercises

The two most important exercises you can do during pregnancy are both simple, do not cost you anything, and can be performed anywhere. They are walking and kegel exercises.

Walking is an excellent exercise during pregnancy. Not only does walking help build your strength and endurance, but it also relieve stress.

Walking is low impact, and can be done anywhere and in any kind of weather.

It is safe for all except those on strict activity limitation, and can be enjoyed with others.

There is little risk of falling, especially important and the mom-to-be’s balance and gait is affected during the later months.pregnancy exercise

The other essential exercise you must perform during pregnancy is called kegel’s. These are rhythmic contractions of the pubococcygeus or PC muscle. This muscle is shaped much like a hammock which attaches to your pubic bone in front and your coccyx, or tailbone, in the back. It supports all of your pelvic organs.

Having a strong PC muscle will help support your developing uterus, help your baby be positioned properly, and help you deliver more effectively. Exercising your PC muscle after delivery will help you regain your previous muscle tone more quickly.

There are other pregnancy exercises which can be beneficial, but these two are among the very most important.

pregnancy exercise


  1. Exercise during pregnancy is must for relaxation of certain body ligaments and in turn a smooth labor.Pregnant women
    who perform these exercises find that it brings an easier birth, and tones them for after their delivery.


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