Pregnancy Help -To Maintain A Healthy Pregnancy!

Are you pregnant for the first time? Becoming pregnant for the first time is not only wonderful and natural experience but also very frightening one.

For maintaining a healthy pregnancy, all that you need is pregnancy help, advice and tips.

Pregnancy help makes you understand the bodily changes that happen during pregnancy and the way to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

For this, you need to follow a prescribed medications regularly, healthy diet, exercise, and sufficient rest.

Maintaining a healthy diet with diet schedule is very essential for you and your baby during pregnancy.Pregnancy Help

Even if you feel aversion towards certain essential foods that are healthy for your baby, it is essential for you to add lots of nutritional food in your diet (as prescribed by your health care provider).

From recent research, it has been found that you should eat variety of foods in right proportions.

You (as a pregnant woman) should include protein, calcium, iron, zinc, folic acid, minerals, vitamins (vitamins B12, B6), fatty acids and essential calories in your diet, which are essential for you and for the growth of your baby.

As folic acid, iron, and calcium cannot available in adequate amounts through diet, take prenatal supplements as prescribed by your doctor to increase these levels in your body.

Remember that not all foods are good for you during pregnancy. Junk food, unhealthy eatables, raw fish, soft cheeses, and fish with high levels of mercury should be avoided to keep yourself and the developing baby away from health problems.

Also avoid alcohol consumption, smoking, nicotine, caffeine and drug addiction, as these can lead to destruction in the baby’s development and can damage the nervous system badly.

Having ginger tea early in the mornings can minimize your morning sickness, the most common pregnancy symptom.

Maintaining a healthy weight also plays a vital role for you and your baby’s health. Your weight during pregnancy should increase by 10-13 kg. The weight gain during pregnancy can also increase not only through diet, but also through exercises.

Pregnancy help through exercises can make your body strong and healthy.  It also prepares you for labor and delivery. Pregnancy exercises are smooth and simple to practice, which are different from your routine exercises.

Walking is the best exercise during pregnancy. It is also recommended to practice aerobics, strength, and flexibility exercises.

The recommended exercises during pregnancy are swimming, dancing, pilates (Pilates pregnancy exercises), biking, etc. Never stress yourself excessively. Always, try to follow your body signs while practicing these exercises.

Also, take sufficient rest to refresh the concealed energy. Sit-ups, back bending exercises, running should be avoided throughout your pregnancy.

If you have any health complications, it is good to consult your doctor before practicing pregnancy exercises.

Pregnancy help with yoga exercises provides its healthy benefits. Pregnancy yoga exercises include asanas, mudras, breathing exercises, meditation, and deep relaxation techniques. These exercises work efficiently on the reproductive organs as well as on the pelvis for a smooth pregnancy and easy delivery.

So, with pregnancy help you can give birth to a well developed, fit and healthy baby.


  1. Hi my name is Nobuhle and this is my first pregnancy :)7weeks
    I need some advice on what to eat, like what to eat for breakfast, lunch and super. I’ve been craving for a cooked chicken and pumpkin and thats what i eat almost everyday. I would also like to know as to what kind of supplements can i take because i’m only taking folic acid and cal C vita for Flue and i’m to take it for the rest of 7 months.


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