Pregnancy Helping to Clear Skin for Victoria Beckham

International celebrity couple former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and international soccer star David Beckham are expecting their fourth child after their sons Brooklyn aged 11, Romeo aged 8 and Cruz who is 5.

pregnancy for clear skinAfter three boys, it is but natural that the couple are wishing for a daughter and apparently their wish is about to come true – the Beckhams are having a baby girl this summer, which was confirmed by a 16 week ultrasound. Though the baby’s sex is usually able to be determined at about 20 weeks, a highly trained technician can do so as early as 16 weeks.

And for Victoria there has been a pleasant side effect of her pregnancy – the acne and skin problems that had plagued her since her teens, have now disappeared during her fourth pregnancy.

Apparently the 36 year old has tried every trick in the book to get rid of her skin problems, but nothing worked for her, except her fourth pregnancy!

With this, as well as all the kiwis and strawberries she is eating, her skin now has a natural bloom which needs no blusher, her open pores have given way to smoother skin. According to husband David, she is “sexier than ever”!


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