Pregnancy Massage – To Ease Your Aches And Pains During Pregnancy!

For every pregnant woman, it is common to experience physical and emotional changes due to an increased weight and hormone level fluctuations.

These changes can result in physical discomfort during pregnancy. You can reduce this physical discomfort and other pregnancy symptoms with pregnancy massage.

The physical discomfort refers to the aches and pains that range from muscular tension to pressure on the knees.

Pregnancy massage is also known as prenatal massage. It is a type of massage therapy designed specially to support the physical and emotional well being of pregnant woman and the fetus.

Several massage techniques, such as Swedish massage, neuromuscular, and oriental-based massage therapies, may be used throughout pregnancy and also during labor.Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massages goal is to enhance blood circulation and ease the aches and pains during pregnancy. Trained and experienced massage therapists can provide these goals through massage techniques, which are safe as well as effective for pregnant women.

During pregnancy massage, your body will be positioned and supported appropriately with the help of pillows and padding in order to provide safety as well as comfort for you and your baby.

Pregnancy massage during pregnancy provides a wide range of benefits to you and your baby. With prenatal massage, you can reduce headaches, backaches, neck and shoulder aches that occur due to muscle tension and shifting posture.

Pregnancy massage also eases the pain in the pelvic or hip region. It also improves blood circulation among you and your baby and the digestion capacity. You can also reduce the symptoms of pregnancy such as fatigue with pregnancy massage.

Your chances of having stretch marks reduce with prenatal message because it improves the skin elasticity. It also helps lessen swelling in the hands as well as lower legs.

Prenatal massage can ease the stress and pressure on joints such as knees, which bears the extra weight of a growing baby. It provides relaxation to the body and mind as well as deep breathing. It also standardizes the hormone levels by decreasing anxiety.

Always consult your gynecologist prior to getting a pregnancy massage. Depending on your health condition, your doctor recommends pregnancy massage. With diabetes or high blood pressure, you are recommended to avoid pre-natal massage during pregnancy.

Doctor also recommends some areas and the techniques that need to be avoided. Massage techniques such as deep tissue and certain body areas need to avoid during pregnancy.

In cases if you are recommended to avoid lower back and abdominal area, just massage your face, hands, arms, and feet for relaxation.

Always remember not to experience pain during a pregnancy massage. If so, right away inform the massage therapist about the pain.

Avoid lying on back for massage after the second trimester of pregnancy because it compromises the blood circulation to the uterus and cause harm to the baby.

Never allow pressure in the region between your anklebone and heel because this area is directly related to the uterus and vagina. Heavy pressure on this area, while pregnancy massage, especially during third trimester can lead to premature baby.


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