Prenatal Benefits of an Essential Oil Massage

Prenatal massage therapy helps significantly in lowering the stress levels of expecting mothers and also gives relief from the aches and pains caused due to the physical, emotional and hormonal changes during pregnancy. It varies at different stages of pregnancy and also depending upon the medical condition of the patient. While in the earlier stage of pregnancy the massage is quite similar to the Swedish massage, except that the sensitive areas are avoided and swelling and other risk symptoms are monitored, at the later stage the therapist ensures the right positioning on the patient without risking the life of the expecting mother or child.

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Benefits of Essential Oil Massage during Pregnancy:

Aromatherapy during pregnancy or prenatal massage with essential oil is a common practice these days. But before indulging into it you must ensure which oil is essential and best for your pre natal massage. Usually the massage therapists are well aware of the benefits and risks associated with different essential oils but you must make sure that you use organic oil, specially made from plants with mild fragrance, as it reduces the risk of absorbing toxins from the non-organic or artificial oils which may harm your baby too. The benefits of using essential oils for prenatal massage are:

  • Nourishes the Skin and Enhances Skin Elasticity: Essential oils like the Calendula oil, Grapeseed oil, Almond oil, Apricot Oil, Peach oil and Wheat germ oil, which is a rich source of Vitamin E nourish and soften the skin which often gets dry and damaged during pregnancy. Wheat germ oil can also be used with other oils for better results. However, Almond oil specially the one made of bitter almonds should be avoided.
  • Improves Blood Circulation: A prenatal massage with some good organic essential oil improves the blood circulation in the body, increases the oxygen supply and provides nourishment. As the massage softens the muscles around the lungs and rib cage the breathing ability is improved with adequate inflow of oxygen both for you and your baby.
  • Relaxes Muscles and Relieves Stiffness: An effective massage with essential oils not only relaxes your muscle contractions and relieves you from aches and pains but also stimulates circulation. It prevents the formation of varicose veins and heals the swelling of feet, ankles and legs. It also gives relief from stiffness of shoulders, chest and back; corrects the body posture and also prepares you for the lactating stage post pregnancy.
  • Reduces Nausea: Nausea is a common symptom of pregnancy but might at times bother you too much. Prenatal massage with essential oils helps in the cure of nausea and anxiety.
  • Reduces Stress and Stimulates Energy: The essential oil massage reduces stress levels by stimulating the endocrine system and the related glands. It also boosts up your vitality thus making you feel much active and energetic.
  • Calms the Mind: Aromatherapy or an essential oil massage helps in calming down the nervous system. This enables you to relax and catch a sound sleep which is beneficial both for the growth and health of your child. It not only calms your mind but also clears it off vague thoughts thus enhancing the power of concentration and sense of decision making.

The prenatal massage also helps in soothing the physical discomfort caused due to the increase in weight and dropping of the pelvis. It is not the regular massage that you may take but is specially designed and fostered after carefully calculating the risks associated with it. Therefore it is important to get it done by a trained massage therapist with the complete knowledge, skill and experience in aromatherapy specially designed for pregnant women.


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