5 Best Prenatal Meditation Techniques

Pregnancy is surely a beautiful phase in life, one with many magical moments. But on the flip side, pregnancy also comes with a little stress, a lot of body aches and certain amount of tensions and worries.

The excitement of a baby growing inside you can be dampened by the stress that you feel from time to time during pregnancy. There are many ways through which you can remove this stress. One of these ways is by following certain meditation techniques. The following are the 5 best prenatal meditation techniques that you can try to do away with all that stress:

prenatal meditation techniquesDeep Belly Meditation

This is one of the best prenatal meditation techniques that you can try during pregnancy. In this meditation technique, you will need to place your hands on your belly and gently cradle the baby. Now observe the sensations which you feel beneath your hands. Breathe in and breathe out and feel relaxed and calm. Try doing this exercise for 5 minutes everyday and keep adding more time every day.

Make a Mantra

Another way to do meditation during pregnancy is to believe in the words you say. Words have a lot of power and can change your mind-set in a positive way. Make a mantra which motivates you the most and make it a point to repeat it several times a day. This mantra can also help you during all different times of pregnancy and even during labor.

Visualize a Wave

Another form of meditation which can help you during prenatal days is to visualize a wave. The power of visualization can decrease the intensity of pain and can help you during labor. View each contraction as a wave in the big ocean and remember that it will come down and the pain will ease. Have faith that the pain will ease off and will eventually die.

Think of Blossoming Lotuses

Another very useful and effective meditation technique that has proved useful during pregnancy for many females is visualizing blossoming lotuses. Think of a lotus flower and consider it to be pure, secure and spiritual. Visualize it as your cervix which is soon going to blossom like the flower. Whenever you experience a contraction, chant the words ‘open, open, open’.

Relax your Third Eye

Concentrate on the area on your forehead, in the center between your two eyes. This area is known as the third eye and directly behind it is the pineal gland. This area is sensitive to light and produce a hormone called serotonin. This hormone affects he regulation of wake-sleep patterns as well as energy levels of a pregnant woman. So whenever you are stressed or in labor, you can relax this third eye area and relax the muscles.

Apart from meditation, pregnant women can also try yoga to keep the body, mind and the spirit relaxed and comfortable at all times. Yoga and meditation can be very peaceful and relaxing during the difficult times in pregnancy.


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