The Pregnancy Supplements that Most Women Use

There is a lot of concern among pregnant mothers about the recommended and potentially harmful nutritional supplements during pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers try their best in ensuring that their developing babies get the best possible nutrients.

It is true that not all essential vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy pregnancy can be gotten from the normal diet you eat. It is due to this reason that may pregnant mothers use some pregnancy supplements so as to ensure full nutrients are supplied for the benefit of the baby.

Commonly used pregnancy supplements

Pregnancy SupplementsVitamin supplements are by far the most widely used supplements during pregnancy. This is because a growing and developing baby requires essential vitamins such as iron, vitamin A and D, calcium, zinc and others for optimal health. Iron tablets are some of the supplements commonly used by pregnant women.

They are basically meant to increase the red blood cells in the body. Iron is essential during growth and the lack of it which causes anemia may result into distorted growth of your baby.

Folic acid is also one of the most essential nutrients required especially during the first 12 pregnancy weeks. Doctors recommended at least 400mg of folic acid so as to prevent pregnancy disorders that mostly happen during the early stages of pregnancy due to lack of vital nutrients. Taking folic acid supplements greatly reduce the risk of congenital disorders and spina bifida in infants.

The supplement plays a huge role in development of the genetic material of body cells, DNA. It also helps build a strong nervous system that fights off complications.

Omega 3 supplements are also crucial during pregnancy. They are known as the building blocks of the entire pregnancy. They are crucial in brain development which starts in the first trimester. The supplements also protect the heart and prevent some complications of pregnancy such as preterm labor.

Organic or dietary food pregnancy supplements are also very popular among pregnant women. They are much better and safer than artificial supplements that are not safe for your developing baby. However, organic supplements should be not be used before consultation with your doctor. Some of the organic products in them may not be safe for pregnancy. The use of these supplements may also be limited in case of pregnancy complications.

Precautions to take when using supplements

Considering that pregnancy is long process of nine months, the best solution when it comes to matters about supplements for pregnancy is to stay informed on what is good and what is bad for your pregnancy. The best way to know this is by consulting your doctor to help you come up with a checklist of the essential nutrients and vitamins to use. Ask the doctor about the safety of each of those pregnancy supplements.

You can also use some of the online resources that provide lists of nutrients to avoid during pregnancy. Though some may be vital for pregnancy yet not recommended, your doctor should advice you on the required amount safe for pregnancy.


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