9 Best Prenatal Sounds and Systems for Baby and Mom

– Because your baby deserves the best chance at success!

Give your baby the advantage he or she needs by helping them learn even before they’re born. Studies show that prenatal sound systems are extremely beneficial, and we’ve got all of the best options for you to explore.

1. Bellybuds – Pregnancy Bellyphones with Music and Voices

Wear these speakers and help your baby’s mind grow even while in the womb. The Bellybuds system allows you to play prenatal music or to record your own voice or those of loved ones so that your baby can get to know the voices of the important people in his or her life. The beltless design allows you to wear it even under clothing invisibly so you can bond with your baby all day long. This set includes a set of bellybuds bellyphones, 2 sets of hydrogel adhesive rings, a set of bellybuds buddons, and one neoprene storage pouch with a belt clip.

2. Lullabelly Prenatal Music Belt Deluxe Package

Improve the fetal development of your baby-to-come with the Lullabelly prenatal music system, which is safe and comfortable. The benefits of playing music in the womb are numerous, least of which is that it helps to soothe you and your baby to take the edge off of prenatal stress. Plus, playing the same music to your baby after he or she is born is a great way to calm them for the first weeks and months of their life. The system can be hooked up to any standard audio-plug compatible system so you can play your choice of music or voices. The belt is super soft and comfortable, and has separate controls for volumes so you can control how loud it is.


3. Sound Beginnings Pre-Natal Sound Delivery System

Sound Beginnings Pre-Natal Sound Delivery System gives your baby the head start she needs with high quality speakers that provide safe levels of soothing sounds for your baby throughout your pregnancy. Wrapped in a soft, stretchy band and free of clips, glue, or Velcro closures, the band design stays in place even as you move around. And it’s really easy to care for because it’s machine washable, speakers and all. You can plug any music or player system directly into the headphone splitter to provide customized sounds for your little one.

4. Nuvo Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System

Nuvo Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System is another great prenatal sound system option. Backed by extensive scientific research, this system provides the best sound for human fetal development, with recommendations for the types of music your baby should listen to from stage to stage. Just plug in your iPod or mp3 player to the earphone jack and let your baby enjoy music. It even comes with a splitter so you or other members of your family can enjoy the same sounds together. The soft fabric belt is built for support and comfort, and can be worn while walking, working, sleeping or doing yoga in maternity yoga pants.

5. BabyPlus Prenatal Education System

BabyPlus Prenatal Education System helps to nurture your baby so that he’s alert and responsive when he finally emerges into the world. Studies show that babies who are educated in the womb nurse better, sleep better, and enjoy improved school competencies later in life. This sound system helps you work through a progressive developmental program from weeks 18 to 32, with two hours recommended per day.

6. Surround Sound Pregnancy Therapy System

The Surround Sound Pregnancy Therapy System, made with organic cotton Sherpa, is the ultimate in prenatal sound therapy. You can deliver your selected music, voice, or recorded track to your baby in complete comfort with the quilted Sherpa mini pillow that’s included, which holds the portable stereo speaker system. The package even includes a “Nature Sounds” CD for your listening enjoyment.

7. Tummy Teacher Prenatal Audio Education & Music System

The Tummy Teacher Prenatal Audio Education & Music System is the perfect way to help your baby get an upper hand on education and learning early on, that’s both fun and relaxing. The Tummy Teacher audio system allows you to expose your unborn baby to languages, books, music, and special messages from you or other loved ones. The special band is designed for comfort and support, and is adjustable to ensure the perfect fit. It is also completely washable so care is simple and easy.

8. Bellysonic Pregnancy Music Belt

The Bellysonic Pregnancy Music Belt provides your baby with just the right sensory development experience to help him grow up into a smart, intuitive child. The Bellysonic system comes with soft, comfortable organic Sherpa cotton belt pouch that can be positioned where you need it on your belly. It accommodates any mp3 or iPod player, making it easy for you to customize the routine for you and baby.

9. itummy Prenatal Music Band

The itummy Prenatal Music Band is yet another comfortable prenatal support band with built-in sound system. Made form comfortable lycra and nylon, the itummy is supportive and easy to wear, with two thin, soft speakers placed just where you’ll need them. It comes in medium, large, and small, and either black or tan.

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