Benefits Of Vitamin C During Pregnancy!

Vitamin C is a water soluble nutrient needed for the formation of collagen, repairing the tissues, and various metabolic processes like iron metabolism and translation of folic acid [Folic acid supplement]to folinic acid.

A pregnant woman should consume 70 mg of vitamin C daily.

Vitamin C reduces the risk of premature birth, so pregnant women should take sufficient amounts of vitamin C during the second half month.

The membranes of the sac holding the fetus and amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus start to rupture when your pregnancy come to end and the process of birth begin.vitamin c

This premature rupture of membranes (PROM) can lead to premature delivery. Taking adequate vitamin C levels help to reduce the incidence of PROM.

Research shown that distorted collagen samples and decreased vitamin C levels during 28th week of pregnancy greatly associated with the incidence of PROM.

Collagen is the basis to hold fetal membrane and preserve the mechanical strength of chorio amniotic membranes. Some other conditions that are present during pregnancy such as intrauterine or cervicovaginal infections also are due to insufficient vitamin C levels.

Adequate levels of vitamin C help to develop strong teeth and bones in your baby. Vitamin C helps in proper absorption of iron that is needed for the formation of hemoglobin. Inculcate the habit of taking sufficient vitamin C during your pregnancy.

Even after the pregnancy, vitamin C helps to cope with the challenges of breast feeding and supply needed nutrients for your baby through breast feeding.


  1. i would like some information on an infection called chorio my neice just lost her baby due to this and we have no information on it so i would like some so she can at least know it wasnt her that caused this matter


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