Best Prenatal Vitamins for Pregnancy

It is always important to have a healthy diet, but this becomes crucial during pregnancy. In order for the baby to have the best start in life possible, a lot of women are looking for the best prenatal vitamins for pregnancy. There are some nutrients that these should come with.

Best Prenatal Vitamins for Pregnancy

Iron, folic acid and calcium

As we all know, folic acid helps prevent neural tube defects that affect the spinal cord and the brain. These defects occur during the 28th day of pregnancy, even before most women find out that they are pregnant.

About half of all pregnancies are unplanned. This is why it is best to start taking folic acid in the moment you start trying for a baby.

In case you are looking for the top prenatal vitamins for pregnancy, you should make sure that they come with 400 mg of folic acid and you should take them daily. Go on taking them even after you find out that you are pregnant. The women who already have a baby with neural tube defects should ask her doctor whether she needs a different dose.

Some studies regarding the best prenatal vitamins for pregnancy suggest that these women need higher doses, but they should talk to their doctor first. The foods that come with this nutrient include green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, fortified foods and citrus fruits.

Calcium is also important for pregnant women. Calcium makes sure that women don’t lose their bone density and the baby needs calcium as well for a strong bone structure.

What to look for?

When it comes to the best prenatal vitamins for pregnancy, you should make sure that the vitamins you are taking come with folic acid, vitamin D, calcium, vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B12, vitamin E, zinc and iron. Sometimes the doctors suggest a given type of vitamin.


It is possible even in case of the top prenatal vitamins while being pregnant for them to cause nausea. In this case you should talk to your health care provider and ask for another kind of vitamin. Usually women don’t experience nausea if they take liquid or chewable vitamins.


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