Fish Oil Supplements In Pregnancy – Advisable Or Not

Many experts have been of the view that fish oil supplements during pregnancy are advisable, however recent research conducted by the Adelaide University involving 2,500 women, has suggested otherwise.

fish oilIn a study that spanned 5 years, pregnant women were either given a fish oil supplement in the later stages of their pregnancy or they were given a placebo and no significant difference was observed in the impact of the actual fish oil supplement and the placebo.

It has been claimed earlier that fish oil supplements taken by pregnant women could be beneficial for a number of reasons such as to avoid post natal depression as well as for better developmental outcomes for the babies born to the women.

However, according to study professor Maria Makrides these supplements were seen to have no particular impact either on the baby’s language or cognitive development or post natal depression among the mothers.

The claim of the researchers is that the recommendation of taking Omega 3 fatty acid supplements during pregnancy has no sound evidence.

However, the researchers did make room for the possibility of the supplements being of some use for those women who are more at risk of delivering a premature baby or other who have a history of depression.


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