Vitamin D Supplements Recommended For Pregnant Women

According to researchers at the UCL Institute of Child Health, it is advisable for pregnant women to take Vitamin D supplements.

Deficiency of Vitamin D has been associated with poorer neonatal health as well as pregnancy complications says an article published by the British Journal of Nutrition. A vitamin D supplement is not usually administered to pregnant women because many experts are not convinced about the benefits that come from it.

vitamin d supplementHowever, it has been seen that women have higher rates of vitamin D deficiency than do men, also that one in 4 pregnant women is deficient in this vitamin, particularly in the winter months and in spring if there is insufficient sun exposure.

This deficiency is made worse by inadequate Vitamin D from food sources.

In very extreme cases, when a pregnant woman is severely deficient in Vitamin D, this could be life threatening to the baby. It has therefore suggested that a routine prescription of a vitamin D supplement to a pregnant woman would decrease the number of vitamin D deficient mothers, thereby lowering the potential risk to the babies as well.

It has been suggested that a daily dose of 10 micrograms of vitamin D to prevent vitamin D deficiency in pregnant mothers and unborn babies should be prescribed.


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