RH Factor Shot Side Effects

In case you are interested in the Rh factor shot side effects, you should know that this shot comes with antibodies for the Rh factor of the blood. These come from donors who have been sensitized. If an Rh negative mother is given the shot, this will prevent her blood cells from producing antibodies against the blood cells of the baby.

RH Factor Shot Side Effects

Side effects of Rh factor shots

Keep in mind that the side effects of Rh factor shots are very rare. It is possible to experience some discomfort around the site of the injection and in some cases women experience a slight fever.

Since the shot comes with small amounts of proteins, women could have an allergic reaction to them.


It is important to remember regarding the negative effects of Rh factor shots that there is no possibility for women to be infected by human immunodeficiency virus, also known as HIV as a result of the injection. Most probably your doctor will be able to tell you more about the possible side effects.

Why to think about the Rh factor shot side effects?

This shot is given to all the Rh negative women who have the slightest chance of having an Rh positive baby. The shot will stop immunization from occurring. Nonetheless it can’t stop the damage done by the blood of the mother if she has already been sensitized.


Even though you might be thinking about the Rh factor shot side effects, all Rh –negative women should receive it if they had amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling or fetal blood sampling, if they experience bleeding during the second or third trimester, had abdominal trauma or gave birth to an Rh positive baby.


Although you might be afraid of the Rh factor shot side effects, don’t forget that the shot is very efficient in preventing the sensitization of women. In fact, the success rate of the shot is over 99% if it is given at least 72 hours after the delivery of the Rh positive child.


Although it shouldn’t be given to sensitized women, in the case the woman in question wasn’t sensitized, there is no reason to worry about the adverse effects of the Rh factor shots. The dosage can be adjusted according to women’s needs. A smaller dose can be given to women who had an ectopic pregnancy.

The truth is that no woman should worry about the Rh factor shot side effects.


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