The Right Prenatal Care When You Are Giving Birth To Multiples

Multiple babies are probably something that you had not planned. You may have a family history of multiple babies in your family, but never thought this could happen to you.

If you are someone that has had fertilization treatments, it can be expected that you might get pregnant with multiple babies.

No matter how it happened or why, it is now something that you will be experiencing for yourself.

The main thing you need to do when you are pregnant with multiples is to get good prenatal care for you and your children.prenatal care1


If you are giving birth to multiples, it will be necessary for you go in for ultrasounds that can determine placement of your babies, and if they have anything that may be wrong with them. Your physician will be looking for such things as babies that share one sac.

This could present a great risk to your babies. When they are sharing the same sac it is easier for them to get entangled in your umbilical chord. The chance for problems with the formation of your babies doubles in a multiple pregnancy.

Good Nutrition

Eating food that is nutritional for you and your babies is essential in your fight for healthy babies. Good nutrition, and the right amount of weight gain, will help your babies to grow strong. It will help you to be able to carry your babies to full term.

Nutrition is such an important factor when carrying multiple babies that it can help to prevent certain complications such as, retardation, your membranes rupturing too soon, and also pre eclampsia.

Your weight will need to be monitored closely. Multiple babies will require you to eat a bigger quantity, of more nutritional foods, than if you were having one baby.

Premature Delivery Assessments

Having your babies too early, is the number one factor in illness and death, of babies during multiple deliveries. This is a sad fact, but with close monitoring you will be able to prevent this from happening to your babies.

You will want your physician to monitor your cervix often, using ultrasound and examinations that are digital. This monitoring will be able to tell your physician if you are at a risk for your babies to be born too early.

Your physician may want to use cerclage placement, to close your cervix, so that you will not dilate prematurely. They may put you on a cervical monitor while you are at home, to monitor if you go into premature labor.

Monitoring Your Babies

Your physician will be able to keep an eye on how your babies are doing by using surveillance techniques. They may use a heart rate monitor to see how your babies’ heartbeats are doing.

Using ultrasound technology will help your physician to be able to tell if your babies are very active or not.

The use of Doppler techniques can be used in determining your umbilical chords blood flow. These techniques will be used often in your last trimester to help you have a full to term pregnancy.

There are so many things that your physician can do to keep you and your babies strong and healthy.


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