The Safety Standards In Using Antibiotics During Pregnancy

Antibiotics have long been a safe practice in conventional medicine and in fact have saved countless of lives for serious illnesses and even death.

But, does this hold true even when you are pregnant? Will the benefits outweigh the effects to your unborn child?

using antibiotics during pregnancyYou may not be aware of it, but antibiotic’s use has been linked to unnecessary adverse reactions and the rise of drug resistant bacteria.

This could be a result from misuse or overuse of the drugs prescribed to you in the past.

One of the most bothersome side effects that antibiotic use can do to you is to weaken your immune system and deplete you of your important gut flora.

If you are pregnant, these conditions are not very helpful, and although pregnancy is a normal process, your weak immune system may pose other pregnancy or non-pregnancy related complications to both you and your child.

Studies show that certain antibiotics have resulted to increased incidence of babies born with birth defects and malformations. Specifically these antibiotics belong to the sulfonamides and nitrofurantoins family.

The problem is pregnant women are more prone to having infections of the reproductive and urinary system during pregnancy. What is then the safety standard of antibiotic’s use in pregnancy?

As a rule of thumb, it will do you good to be aware of what antibiotics are generally safe to take for pregnant women, this includes the following:

  • Amoxicillin
  • Ampicillin
  • Penicillin
  • Clindamycin
  • Erythromycin

Another important thing to know is whether you have a bacterial or a viral infection; if the infection is bacterial in nature the use of antibiotics could be considered.

But, if it is viral, it is unnecessary to take antibiotics because they will not be able to kill the virus, what you will do is just expose yourself to the untoward side effects without having any benefit for the antibiotics at all.

The best way to fight viruses is to boost your immune system by harboring more of the helpful gut flora.


It is therefore very important for you to discuss with your health provider the need for antibiotic therapy. Allow him to present to you the health benefits and risks it poses to you and your child before you even start with the medication.

There are alternative ways to deal with infection and one best way is to boost your immune system and allow it to do the fighting. Basically, safety standards depend a lot on your illness and what antibiotics you need to take for it.

Also the dosage and length of time and at what time during pregnancy are you to take it must be carefully considered.

Most importantly, never self-medicate, always ask you health provider for safety of ANY medication you have to take.


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