Too Many Pregnant Women Still Smoke And Drink

A study on the eating habits and lifestyles of pregnant women or those who were planning to conceive showed that very few actually abided to the health guidelines aimed at women under this category.

Only less than 3 percent were avoiding smoking and keeping under the limit of four alcoholic drinks per week the three months prior their pregnancy.

Folic acid supplement is also highly recommended during pregnancy, this will reduce the risk of certain kind of deficiencies at birth.pregnant women

Exercise and healthy eating habits are also important, but the major concern in the UK is excessive drinking, which is unfortunately commonly accepted even amongst young mothers.

Now health authorities are issuing new guidelines which recommend those women who plan to have a baby to avoid drinking at all, stressing the fact that many women who are pregnant find out weeks after they have conceived the baby, especially, if they were not planning to conceive in the first place.

The health regimen before pregnancy is therefore just as crucial as during the pregnancy period.

The statistic show that still too many women consume alcoholic drinks in excess before and during pregnancy and others continue their smoking habits despite their condition [smoking during pregnancy].

Slightly more consumed extra fruit and vegetables or took folic acid as a supplement, while few took regular exercise.


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