Top 10 Ways to Bond With Your Unborn Baby

Baby birth is not the beginning for your baby. The moment you conceive, your bonding and attachment with your baby starts. When the baby is in the womb, he needs to be nurtured, loved and cared for.  There are many ways you can bond with your baby when he is inside the womb.

bond with unborn baby


The following are the top 10 ways to bond with your unborn baby:

  1. Talking to your baby as much as you can is very important to bond with your baby. Throughout the day, as you go from one activity to the other, talk to your little one.
  2. Start building a partnership with your baby by announcing to him what you are doing at what moment. Ask him questions, for example ‘what would you like to eat today?’
  3. Touch your belly often. By touching your belly many times a day, you make your baby feel secure and develop closeness. When the baby takes birth, he will automatically feel a certain bonding with you and feel safe in your presence.
  4. When going to sleep, play soothing and light music.  This will calm you and also will help your baby to recognize and associate it with you when he is born.
  5. Make sure you sit down every day and have a personal and quiet time with your baby.  Sit on your favorite sofa or chair and in your favorite part of the house.  Have a heart to heart talk to the baby to establish a personal relationship with him.
  6. Just like mothers, even for dads it is very important to develop love and bonding with the unborn baby. Dads can try and talk to the belly every night before going to bed or even feel the belly when the baby kicks.
  7. Another way for both moms and dads to develop a sense of warmth with the baby is by playing games. One way to do is to poke the belly a little when the baby kicks. Wait and see if the baby kicks back again. This is a fun way to make your baby happy and active.
  8. If you have another child, then it is very important for the child too to build a relationship with the unborn baby. So encourage the sibling to talk to the baby so that the baby recognizes his voice when he is born.
  9. Another way to bond with the baby is to write him letters! Yes, pore out your heartfelt feelings for the baby through a letter. This will help you too to be aware of the love you have for your baby.
  10. Massaging your bump is another effective way which has shown results for many moms. You can safely do this for the first three months of pregnancy and one way to do so is by using creams and oils.  Infact even your partner can gently massage your bump as this also makes your baby used to the presence of his dad.

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