Ways to use a Gym Ball during Pregnancy

Exercising when you are pregnant is a great idea and is recommended to all pregnant ladies. One way to exercise when you are pregnant is by using a gym ball. Using a gym ball when you are pregnant is different than when you are not and hence you will need to adjust to it accordingly.   It can help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and thereby prepare you for childbirth.  Moreover, it is also a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy during the crucial pregnancy months.  The following are some ways in which you can use a gym ball while you are pregnant:

Gym Ball during Pregnancy

  •  The first thing to remember is to get the right size of the gym ball.  The size of the gym ball is dependent on your size so always ask the store manager to find a suitable size for you.
  • At a few of the stores, pregnancy specific gym balls are available and you must always opt for those. In case, you are not able to find one, check the weight limit of the ball and only then purchase it.  Go for the balls that come with the ‘anti-burst’ feature.
  • An effective way to use the gym ball during pregnancy is by sitting on it while keeping the spine straight and then bending forward a little bit.  This posture helps pregnant women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and helps you in preparing for an easy labor.
  • Just sitting on the ball rather than sitting on the sofa is a good enough way to use it during pregnancy. It helps your baby to get into a good position and cures the problem of backache.  Make sure that your pelvis and back are well aligned and straight.
  • While sitting in the same pose, you can start with gentle exercises such as moving the hips from side to side, rotating them in circles and trying to rotate the pelvis in images of the number eight.
  • If you doctor allows, you can take the ball to the hospital at the time of labor and use it in the early stages to ease pain and have a comfortable childbirth.
  • To do this, you can start by rotating the pelvis in images of eight. This can help at the time of contractions because it eases muscle pain a lot.
  • Another way to use the gym ball when the labor is approaching is by hugging the gym ball to the chest, after kneeling down on the floor with the towel or support under the knees.  After hugging, you can also try to lean your shoulders, head and chest on the ball and allow your back to relax as much as possible.
  • In this position, you can also try to move your body from one side to the other in slow gentle motion.

It is important to understand that you must use the gym ball during pregnancy only when someone is around as you may lose balance if used improperly.  Always be very careful with the ball during pregnancy.

Photo Credit By: fitgirlcode.com


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