Conceiving A Baby After Miscarriage: How Soon Can You Become Pregnant?

When you have had a miscarriage, it is more than just a physical event. It is an emotional event as well.

Different couples need differing amounts of time to work through their grief and make the decision that the time is right to try to conceive again.

When it comes to your emotional needs, how soon you are ready to conceive a baby after experiencing a miscarriage will depend entirely on you.

You may be wondering, however, how soon your body will be ready and able to conceive again after having a miscarriage.pregnancy loss

When it comes to your physical ability to conceive, how soon your body is ready to conceive a baby after you have experienced a miscarriage depends entirely on your body.

When you are pregnant, your body experiences hormonal changes. When your pregnancy ends, either through miscarriage or by delivering a baby, it takes some time for your hormone levels to return to normal and for your body to begin ovulating again.

The amount of time this takes can vary considerably. If you have delivered a full term baby and you are breastfeeding exclusively, it can take months for your body to begin to ovulate again. (When used properly, breastfeeding can even be an effective form of birth control).

If you have experienced a miscarriage, then your hormones could return to normal and you could begin ovulating again as quickly as two to three weeks after the miscarriage.

However, if you had miscarriage recently, early symptoms of pregnancy you are experiencing may not be due to pregnancy: they could be because your hormone levels have not yet returned to normal.

The only way to know whether the symptoms you are experiencing are from leftover pregnancy hormones or from a new pregnancy is, to take a pregnancy test.

If you have experienced a miscarriage, and you do not wish to become pregnant, you should use proper contraception every time you are sexually active.

Remember that you become fertile about two weeks before your period starts, so don’t wait on your period to let you know you are fertile again. It is possible to conceive after miscarriage without having a period first.

In addition to knowing emotionally when you are ready to conceive a baby after experiencing a miscarriage, talk to your doctor or health care provider about your body’s needs.

Your body may need a little time to recover from its pregnancy experience to prepare for another pregnancy. If there were medical reasons for your miscarriage, those need to be investigated as well so that they do not cause problems with future pregnancies.


  1. i had ivf done in mar 09 , got pregnant with twins had a miscarriage at 20 wks on 7/8/09 . i have some frozen embryos , i’d like to know how soon can i have embryo transfer again .thanks

  2. hello,
    i had pregnancy in dec 08, had abortion at 19 weeks on 10th april 09. unexplained aborion.i had D&C . i just want to know when should i try for my next baby. thans.

  3. Hi, i had an unxeplained abortion. i didnt know my weeks i just found out i am pregnant and my gyeno says he cant hear the heart beat of the baby after he checks on the ultrasoud. ive found out i was pregant on 8.12.20009 and they terminated the pregancy on the 15.12.2009, i just want to know how soon can i start for the next baby.


  4. Your body is normally the best indicator for when you can and cant try. If you body is not ready to fall pregnant, it wont. Emotionally can be a different story as every woman is different as to when she is ‘ready’
    Some Drs may say there is a time but there is no research that can say how long you MUST or must not wait. Good luck with your pregnancies.

  5. Hey, my name is Ady and am 17 years old. Me like most of the others had a miscarriage about six months ago on 7/29/09, i went through premature labor and my baby passed away. The doctors said the problem with my pragnancy was a erruption in my plasenta. I been trying to get pregnant for the past two months and still i can’t. My question is could there be something wrong with me? Or could it be possible that my boddy is still not ready for another pragnancy?

    Thank you,


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