Top 8 Condom Using Mistakes that you Might be Making

It’s great that you are using condoms but it definitely is not enough.   A lot of us constantly make several mistakes when it comes to using or wearing condoms.  It is important to use condoms correctly in order to avail the maximum benefit out of them.

It’s true that most men have a love-hate relationship with their condoms and might be using them in a way that gives them the maximum pleasure. But it is important to know that even a slight bit of wrong use can nullify the benefit. The following are the 8 most condom using mistakes that you might be making.

condom using mistakes that you might be making1. Not Checking for Visible Damage

Nearly 75% people do not check the condoms for any visible damage before they use them and this is one of the most common condom mistakes made.  Condoms can easily be damaged if you open the packet up with your teeth or through rough fingernail action. So always check before using.

2. Not Checking for Expiration Date

Another common condom mistake is not checking the date of expiration of the condoms. Yes, condoms do have an expiration date beyond which they might not be able to deliver what they are meant to.

3. Putting it on Late

A lot of people make the mistake of putting on the condom only after the penetration has already occurred.  One must know that some sperms can be released before the final ejaculation and hence condom must be put on the right time.

4. Not Leaving Some Room at the Top

Another common condom mistake that people make is not leaving some room at the top.  Before putting it on, one must gently squeeze the tip to remove any trapped air and leave some space for the sperm.

5. Putting it on Wrong

About 30% of the people put the condom wrong and wear it inside out. But wearing it this way can increase the probability of it being slipped off.  But even if you realize your mistake then it is not advisable to wear it correctly again but you should rather go for a new one.

6. Taking it off too Soon

Taking off the condom too soon is again not a very good idea.  This basically happens when men lose their erection but one must wait and keep the condom on because erections come and go and you might need it again.

7. Breaking the Condom

Often, people make the mistake of breaking the condom which mainly happens due to the use of oil based lubricants instead of water based or silicone lubricants.  Petroleum jelly, baby oil or body creams can pop the latex.

8. Not using the Condom

Another common condom mistake that people tend to make and must avoid is not using it at all. A condom not only prevents an unwanted pregnancy but also keeps both the male and the female partner away from STDs or other kinds of infections which result due to sexual penetration.


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