More About Cramping During Ovulation

There are a lot of changes that occur in the body of women during their menstrual cycle. For example you could be thinking about cramping during ovulation. This is a relatively common symptom and it usually appears a couple of weeks before the onset of your menstrual period.

Cramping During Ovulation

Information about ovulation cramping

The cramps could last between a couple of minutes and a couple of days. Sometimes women experience the cramping on only one side. If you feel the cramps on the left side most probably next month you will experience them on the right side, depending on which ovary releases the egg.

What does the cramping associated with ovulation feel like?

Women usually say that the cramps are something like the cramps that they experience at the beginning of their period. It is possible to feel dull pain in the abdomen, but sometimes the pain is more pronounced. The pain you feel also depends on whether you have some other underlying condition as well or not.

If you experience the cramping during ovulation at the middle of your menstrual cycle or two weeks before your period is due, you can be almost certain that you are dealing with ovulation and there is no underlying cause. However there are some other causes as well that could produce the same symptoms.

Emerging or ruptured follicle

It is possible that you don’t have cramping caused by ovulation. It is the follicle that actually releases the egg. Some of the women actually feel this happen, since the area has to stretch to release the egg. This pain is something like the menstrual cramps and since the follicle has to burst, this could be accompanied by sharp pain.


This is a condition that could cause symptoms similar to cramping during ovulation. It means that the womb or the uterus grows into other places into abdomen, such as the bowel. All the patients with endometriosis know about their condition because there are a lot of specific symptoms associated with endometriosis.

Besides the symptom that feels like ovulation and cramping there is also some level of discomfort during sex. The condition also leads to menstrual cramps that are more severe than normally. The condition also affects the amount of cramping that women experience during ovulation.


Cramping during ovulation could also be associated with salpingitis. This usually appears if women have an ovarian cyst or some kind of infection. It means that the fallopian tubes get inflamed. As one of the results of the condition it may become more difficult for the egg to pass through the tubes, resulting in cramping.

Ovarian cysts

A lot of women experience cramping and ovulation because of these small sacks filled with fluid. If you experience the cramping always on the same side, you might want to see you doctor about it.

As you can see there might be more to cramping during ovulation than you may have thought initially. See your doctor if you think there is something wrong.


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