Difference Between First and Second Pregnancy

Hearing the news of pregnancy for the first time can be a wonderful experience for not just the mother but also for the spouse, the family, the friends and the relatives. It is a time in life for everyone to rejoice and anticipate the birth of the baby. It is a time when people around are on cloud nine as a new member is about to enter the family.

But when one announces his/her pregnancy for the second time, there may be a lot of difference in the excitement levels and reactions of people around. But this is not the only difference between first and second pregnancy. There are many other bodily changes, mood changes and other differences. To know more about the various differences between first and second pregnancies, you can go through the following given information.

difference between first and second pregnancy

The Attitude of People Around you Changes

The attitude of most of the people around you tends to change a lot from your first to your second pregnancy. Even the attitude of your husband changes considerably as far as the difference in first and second pregnancy is concerned. People just think that you have done it once and now you can easily take good care of yourself. They think that things will be easier for you this time around and the battle has been won once. This change is attitude is very evident in the way people take care of you.

Your own Attitude Towards the Second Pregnancy Changes

You start taking less care of yourself as compared to the care you took the first time around. You are more relaxed towards the second pregnancy and take it a little more casually. You read almost all books that were available in the market during the first baby but never bother to touch them again during the second time because you think you know it all that there is to know.

More Particular About Food During the First Baby

Mothers are very cautious about the food nutrition and vitamins and proteins they take during the first baby but it completely changes during the second. The second time around, expectant mothers do not worry about eating nutritious foods and may be casual about their food choices.

No New Clothes

During the time of the first pregnancy you buy new pregnancy clothes, an activity you refrain from in the second pregnancy.  This is so because you may already have the clothes you bought the first time around. This very act helps you to save quite a lot of money. The same is true about infant clothes as well, especially if the baby of the same gender is expected.

No New Baby Items

The first pregnancy may involve a lot of shopping for the baby items like crib, stroller, baby cloths, baby toys and others. But this may not be so during the second pregnancy as you already have most of the things present with you.


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