Fertility Yoga For A Successful Conception And Pregnancy!

Fertility yoga is a therapeutic form of yoga, which helps to make the holistic link between your body, mind, spirit and emotions.

In preparing your body for a successful conception and pregnancy, fertility yoga involves specific postures and practices that help to stimulate and tone your reproductive system, improve the energy flow and circulation throughout your body and balance hormone levels.

Fertility yoga helps to regulate your body’s hormone levels by improving endocrine function.

Also, yoga reduces your stress levels, depression and anxiety, all of which stunt your fertility rate.

The main difference between fertility yoga and other yoga [Pregnancy yoga] practices is that it concentrates specifically on reproductive health.

The main emphasis of fertility yoga is on the advantages gained from incorporating breath with the movement. It also helps you gain the right balance, vitality and strength for the reproductive and hormonal areas of your body.

Each yoga posture focuses on different parts of your body and system. Some postures help to re-balance your hormones or glandular system, whereas others improve the blood flow to other organs to stimulate and strengthen them.

Meditation is a big part of yoga. Its main aim is to bring calmness to your life and help manage stress. Anyone suffering from fertility problems knows that stress is a big obstacle when you are trying to conceive.

However, stress is not the main cause of infertility, but the effects of stress on your body often worsen fertility problems. High stress levels affect hormonal balance, which is a big problem when you are trying to conceive.

Yoga focuses mainly on you, as opposed to specific health problems. The emphasis of yoga is on breathing techniques, which helps to get enough oxygen to your brain to help you think more positively and erase negative ideas from your mind. In addition, most people feel more connected to their bodies after participating in a yoga class.

Women with fertility problems often report feeling stronger, confident and more powerful about their bodies after yoga. In addition, those who do yoga feel more motivated in improving their lifestyles and diets, both of which greatly increase the chances for successful conception.

Yoga postures, which concentrate mainly on reproductive organs and pelvic area, help in increasing the circulation and stimulating the energy to these areas. Combined with the correct diet and prenatal massage, yoga not only treats infertility, but also its emotional effects.


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