5 Best Positions to Get Pregnant

All the many stories about women conceiving easily and even the first time that they try notwithstanding, many women can find that they have to make a concentrated effort to get pregnant.

One important factor is knowing when one ovulates, which will maximize a woman’s chance of getting pregnant. The position assumed when having sex can also have a bearing on the woman’s chances of getting pregnant.

Getting PregnantThe best positions to get pregnant are:

The missionary position with the hips raised

It is thought to be ideal for conception since this helps deepest penile penetration and lets the sperm reach closest to the mouth of the womb (cervix).

Raising the hips and elevating them during and after intercourse also helps to keep the sperm in place for a longer duration and increases chances of achieving conception because the cervix is exposed to the maximum amount of semen.

Doggy style or rear entry and side by side

The position where a woman is entered from behind also helps the semen to be deposited closest to the cervix and hence is a good position.

The side by side position is also thought to facilitate optimal exposure of the cervix to the semen.

The Big O

The woman reaching orgasm during intercourse is known to increase her chances of falling pregnant, no matter what the position assumed during sex.

The reason for this is the fact that during orgasm, the uterus contracts and spasms, which helps push the sperm further along the vagina and up to the cervix.

Also the orgasm causes the blood to rush to the uterus, making for better uterine health after conception as well. Research has shown that orgasm may be good for the fetus as well since the oxygenated blood supply to the unborn can increase due to this.


  1. Great article. This is definitely a fun topic for people to talk about, who doesn’t like talking about sex??? I have to say I will be putting this to the test at some point in the near future.

  2. It says 5 positions and there are only 3.
    Also i tried all positions when trying to get pregnant and none worked. I ended up getting pregnant after i stopped trying to get pregnant.


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