An Unexpected Pregnancy – Choose The Option That Is Best For You

An expected pregnancy could occur to any of us; whether it is a young fresh woman, an older mother, a married couple.

An unexpected pregnancy could happen to anyone and may well have the potential to upset the course that a person may have charted for their life.

The fact is that birth control methods are not infallible and in the event of an unexpected pregnancy, a decision as to which option one wants to pick has to be taken; and taken quickly.

There are of course the three basic options to choose from: (a) becoming a parent or parents, (b) abortion and (c) adoption. Whichever is the option that you choose, keep the following in mind when making the decision and make sure that it is the one that is really right for you:

If you decide to become a parent (s): The challenges of being a single mother are many and are obvious. There will be economic problems, those of logistics and care giving, emotional difficulties.

However, it is also important to remember that it is possible to raise a child single handedly, with some support from friends, family and support groups.

However, the decision should be taken based on all the different factors, taking into account what will, in the end be the best solution given the challenges.

While couples in a stable relationship are likely have the benefit of two people and better resources, emotional, logistical and economic, raising a baby is still a 24 hour job and therefore do not make a mistake about it.

It is important to understand the toll that a new baby may take on time, financial resources and even a relationship. Parenthood is not something to be entered into lightly and again, all factors have to be considered prior to taking any decision.

Considering Adoption: For many women, the possibility of having a child and then giving it up for adoption is the scariest scenario faced with an unexpected pregnancy.

The thought of nurturing a life for 9 months and then handing it over to others to raise can be quite simply frightening. The thought also that once an adoption is complete, it is permanent and that one cannot then change their mind, also makes one feel powerless.

Going in for an independent adoption or through an agency, is another question that is to be decided upon. Really consider what your feelings will be at the time of giving birth when deciding on this option.

Abortion: There are of course many moral and ethical issues that are attached to the issue of abortion.

However, it may be that the time and place in your life is not the right one either for you to become a parent or it is an unsuitable time for a baby to be born into your life for reasons of financial situation, age, health issues, or any other circumstances.

It is important to make a decision not only based on one’s moral or religious views but also the circumstances that surround you.

Remember the decision that you take now is something that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. Take the decision that will be easiest for you to live with. Some personal stories here may provide some helpful insights.


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