Best Days to Get Pregnant – Find Out More About the Matter

If you are interested in the best days to get pregnant you should know that these are represented by the fertile window.

This consists of 6 days, five days before your ovulation and the day of the ovulation. The most fertile days are the 1-2 days before ovulation.

The best time to get pregnant

As it has been mentioned before, the best time to think about pregnancy is during the fertile window.

If you have sex a day after ovulation, your chances of getting pregnant decrease considerably. Also remember that sperm can survive in the reproductive tract of women for several days.

Best Days to Get PregnantBest day to get pregnant

According to the studies, even if women have a regular cycle they could have ovulation at just any moment of their cycle.

This is why timing isn’t such an important factor. If you wait for your BBT to increase or to have a positive result on the ovulation kit, you are doing something wrong.

It is best to think about the best moment to get pregnant from another perspective: if you are waiting to see some indication that you are ovulating, it is possible that ovulation already happened.

This means that even if you have sex, you have very small chances of getting pregnant.

Every day and every other day

When thinking about the best times to get pregnant some people say that it is best to have sex every other day so that you can be sure that you will catch the fertile window.

Some specialists say that it is enough to have sex 2-3 times per week, on a weekly basis.

However, people may consider having sex every day to find the moment that is the best to get pregnant during your fertile window. However in case your partner doesn’t have enough sperm, it is still alright to have sex every other day, but in this case the chances of getting pregnant are smaller.

If we are speaking in numbers about the best days to get pregnant it is good to know that if you have sex every day during your fertile window, you have 37% chances to get pregnant. If you have sex every other day, the chances are of 33% and if you have sex only once a week, the chances drop to 15%.

Fertile days

If you know when you have your fertile days, you also know when is the time that is the best to get pregnant. It has been mentioned before there that are 6 fertile days (generally speaking). This is the period that you have to focus on to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

In order to know more accurately the best day to get pregnant, you should think about the BBT also known as basal body temperature. If you track your BBT for a few months, you will be able to see a pattern and you will know when you have your most fertile days.

Now you know which the best times to get pregnant are.


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