Evaluate the Best Positions for Getting Pregnant

While some say that getting pregnant is the easiest thing in the world, others find it quite difficult. For this couples might be looking for the best positions for getting pregnant. Remember that a woman could get pregnant using just any position, but there are some that increase the chances of conception.

Best Positions for Getting Pregnant

General tips regarding the best positions for pregnancy

When looking for the most optimal position you should consider those that make it possible for the sperm to reach the egg as fast as possible. This means that those are the best positions that make deep penetration possible.

All this being said, when it comes to the best sex positions for pregnancy you should avoid those that use gravitation to prevent the sperm meeting the egg, such as having intercourse while standing, sitting or the positions that require the woman to be on top.

In case of the best positions for getting pregnant it is important to limit the sperm amount that flows out of the genital tract. After the man ejaculates it is important to keep the sperm in the vagina. This means that the hips of women should be specially positioned for this purpose.


Although this is considered to be a classic position, it is also said to be the top position for getting pregnant. Such a position makes deep penetration possible. This way sperm will have enough time to reach the egg. Naturally this position has numerous variations.

Raising the hips

Another one of the best positions for getting pregnant you is elevating the hips. You can do so by putting a pillow under your buttocks. This way the cervix will be more exposed to the sperm and sperm will have to swim less to reach the egg.


This top position for pregnancy is also known as the rear-entry pose. It means that the man penetrates his partner from behind. In case you would like to get pregnant, this is a position that you must try. The advantage of the position is that it allows sperm to be deposited close to the cervix.


The position is another one of the best positions for getting pregnant that you could try. Keep in mind that while the other positions are easy to practice, this one doesn’t work out for all the couples. However that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a try.


Although they have no connection to the top sex positions for pregnancy, it looks like there is a connection between orgasms and pregnancy. According to the latest studies during orgasms the vagina is contracting and these contractions could push the sperm closer to the cervix, increasing the chances of pregnancy.

Now that you know about the best positions for getting pregnant all there is left for you to do is to start practicing them. If you were trying for longer periods of time without success, it might be time to see a specialist.


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