Can You Get Pregnant when You Are Not Ovulating?

There are many decisions that many new couples who have not had any children previously are often faced with. Perhaps the greatest of these questions that has often been asked by these couples is “can you get pregnant when you are not ovulating?” the objective of the subsequent parts of this article is going to be an elaborate attempt at finding the answer to this pertinent question by examining the relationships that exist between pregnancy and the period of ovulation.

First of all, it is important at this point to understand the meaning of ovulation. Ovulation refers to the period during which a mature ovary is made available for fertilization. It is the process whereby a mature ovum or egg gets released from the ovary and then gets pushed down through the fallopian tube until it reaches a point where it can easily be reached by any sperm cells.

Can you get pregnant when you are not ovulatingAt this time, the uterus lining also thickens in preparation for receiving the fertilized egg, as this is where the egg will eventually develop into a viable fetus.

If this egg that was released during ovulation fails to get fertilized, then the result is menstruation, whereby the thickened uterine wall, as well as the unfertilized egg, eventually get shed off.

Many people often tend to confuse between menstruation and ovulation and it is therefore hoped that the foregoing discussion will serve to shed better light on the differences that exist between the two processes and bring you closer to finding a solution to the problem; can you get pregnant when you are not ovulating?

Answering the question, “Can you get pregnant when you are not ovulating?”

At this point, an answer to the question “can you get pregnant when you are not ovulating?” may be provided. The answer is no, you cannot get pregnant at a time when you are not ovulating. An obvious explanation for this answer can be found in the definition of ovulation in the sense that, when you are not ovulating, it means that the ovary does not release any eggs or ova to be fertilized and it is not logical for one to expect to get pregnant when no eggs have been fertilized.

It has for a long time been the belief among many women that it is practical and possible for the female population to get pregnant after sexual intercourse even when they are not ovulating. According to such reasoning, ovulation only serves to heighten or increase the chance and the probability of getting pregnant after sexual intercourse but is in no way a pre-determinant of whether or not conception will take place or not.

This line of thought could not be much farther from the truth. Perhaps the only reason why some people end up concurring with this misconception, or why they find this reasoning appealing is due to the fact that they do not really understand ovulation, both by its real definition as well as the period during which it occurs.

Some of the women who claim to have conceived without ovulating only happen to have been ovulating but failed to realize that they were doing so probably because of lack of sufficient information regarding the same. Next time someone asks you “can you get pregnant when you are not ovulating?”, then you will now know the exact answer.


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