Explaining the Best Conception Tips

In case of some women, getting pregnant is something fast and easy, but other women have to be looking for conception tips to help them speed up the process. Although nature knows its way, sometimes it just needs some help from our part.

Fertile window and tips for conception

It may be useful to know when you have your fertile window. In the majority of the cases, women ovulate two weeks prior to the start of their next period. This means that in case you have a menstrual cycle of 28 days, ovulation takes place on the 14th day and this is the time when you can get pregnant.

Conception TipsIf you happen to have a menstrual cycle of 30 days, the tips for conception include that you should time intercourse on the 16th day of your cycle.

Naturally it is best to have sex a few days before and a few days after as well, to increase your chances of conception.


Among the conception tips, you will find the tips regarding the basal body temperature.

If you track your temperature for a longer period of time, you will see a slight raise on the morning when you ovulate. This means that you are more fertile. For this you could use a basal thermometer.

As part of the tips for conception you may want to use a basal thermometer which is a special kind of thermometer usually used by women to track temperature because it is able to detect the slightest changes, thus indicating the fertile window of women.

Cervical mucus

It is a known fact regarding conception tips that when ovulation occurs, there is a change in the cervical mucus, both in consistency and appearance.

If you see a vaginal discharge that is something like egg white, it means that you are ovulating and you have high chances of conceiving.


No matter what other people might say regarding the tips for conception one of the best positions to get pregnant is the missionary. This is because if the man is on top, it is easier for semen to reach the cervix, using the force of gravitation. This way the chances of conception increase.


Another position that you may want to try as part of the conception tips is the one known as ‘rear-entry’. The position is also called ‘doggy style’ and the advantage is that your partner can deliver the semen close to the entry of the cervix and so it takes less time and energy for the semen to reach the cervix.


This is another position that you could try regarding tips for conception. Just as in the previous case, the advantage is that this way the semen gets closer to the cervix. When it comes to different positions, it is important for the semen to get as close to the entry of the cervix as possible.

No matter what kind of positions you try as part of the conception tips, make sure that after your partner ejaculates you lie on your back for a few minutes having your legs bent, because this way it is easier for semen to reach the cervix. Although this is a strange position, according to the studies, it works.

Healthy lifestyle

One of the most important tips for conception is to have a healthy lifestyle. This means that you need a healthy diet accompanied by exercising, have enough sleep and make sure that you quit drinking and smoking.

As you can see there are a lot of different conception tips that you could use, so try all of them.


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