7 Fertility Foes You Should Avoid When Trying…

Trying to conceive? You may have to fight and eliminate these foes from your diet for quite sometime.

Like how you change your diet when you get pregnant, you should also change your eating habits when trying to get pregnant. Your nutrition and life style choices heavily influence your pregnancy chances and foetal growth once you get pregnant.

In fact a study conducted by the Journal of Academic Nutrition and Dietetics showed that most women fail to eat what they should when they are pregnant, let alone maintain a correct diet when trying to conceive. Now that’s a critical finding. So, as a woman, you may want to know what constitutes a healthy diet when you are planning and what are the fertility foes you should avoid when trying…

The normal and common ones that you ought to include in your diet are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fibres etc. and other foods that are recommended by your doctor ofcourse.

However, there are foods such as artificial flavours and ingredients, synthetic foods, contaminantsthat are totally considered a ‘No-no’ during pregnancy, before pregnancy and while lactating.

7 Fertility Foes You Should Avoid When Trying...

But don’t just freak out…

Let us add, don’t freak out if you have been including these in your diet or have eaten any of these recently – anything consumed in moderation will not cause any potential harm when trying to conceive. However, keep such food or ‘foes’ mostly off your list as they could make conception less likely and also be harmful for the developing foetus.

So, here you go,

List of foods you should avoid when trying to conceive

Foods to avoid when trying for a baby, are same as those you should limit or avoid when you’re pregnant and when you are breastfeeding.

No one said pregnancy is easy. But, with internet being our biggest help, we can end up eating tastier foods that are nutritional and balanced.

***However, the only main difference between conceiving a child and being pregnant is that in the former scenario, your partner’s nutrition or diet also has to be monitored and controlled.

So you may both have to tick certain food off from your everyday meal and motivate each other for a fruitful outcome.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol, like mercury can cause infertility as it decreases Vitamin B level in your body. The vitamin actually supports foetal growth and improves the chances of pregnancy. So, when you are planning to conceive you should avoid alcohol entirely. However, if you are planning to drink CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends limiting your consumption to 2 – 3 drinks per week.

  1. High Glycemic Index Foods

Sugary food or foods that spike your blood sugar level should be avoided as these foods are associated with low fertility. Blood sugar spikes may change your hormones, cause inflammation and also hinder ovulation process. Slow burning carbs like pasta, brown rice, whole wheat bread and protein, fibre and healthy fats combination should be eaten instead.

  1. Soda

Soda is bad. There is nothing called Diet Soda. Soda of both varieties causes fertility issues. The combination of metabolic changes and inflammation caused by the sugary substance and the artificial sweetener is the reason behind it.

  1. High Mercury Fish

Mercury is our biggest foe and a food that you should avoid when trying to get pregnant, definitely. It damages the nervous system and can harm your foetus. Too much mercury consumption before you get pregnant can result in excessive storage of mercury in our system that could affect the development of baby’s nervous system. The foetal nervous system is being formed even before a woman comes to know she is pregnant. Avoid having swordfish, tuna etc.

  1. Trans Fats

Fried foods, microwaved popcorns, baked goods made with shortenings and certain chips are high in TransFats. TransFats can cause inflammation and insulin resistant, and reduce sperm quality and count, a bad sign for fertility. Men and women both should avoid transfats when trying to conceive.

  1. Raw Meat and Products

Raw meat, eggs, and seafood contain salmonella, toxoplasmosis or coliform bacteria, bacteria that can easily damage the foetus if they pass through the placenta. Well cooked food is the key to a healthy womb and greater fertility.

  1. Unpasteurised Soft Cheese and Dairy Products

Listeria is potentially bad foe of pregnancy.  Listeria bacteria can cause listeriosis, which is directly associated with increased risk of miscarriages. Soft cheeses like Brie, Gorgonzola, Camembert and Roquefort should be avoided.

Other foods that contain listeria are unpasteurised dairy products, blue veined cheeses like Danish Blue and Stilton and all types of Pate.


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