7 Tips for having a Natural Childbirth

Most pregnant females are very particular about the fact that they want to have a natural childbirth. This is true since vaginal childbirths tend to be easier on the baby’s healthy and also less of an issue after the delivery as compared to C-sections.

But inspite of the wish to have a natural childbirth, most of the pregnant females have absolutely no clue how to achieve it. It is important to understand that a natural and unmedicated childbirth is a reasonable goal and is totally achievable as well. If you too wish to have one, you can follow the given tips and suggestions

having a natural childbirth1. Get the bets prenatal education

You can join pregnancy classes to learn about natural labor pain management methods. There are many hospitals and care centers which offer such classes that can educate one how to deal with vaginal births and how to encourage this type of the childbirth method.

2. Pick a doctor whose into natural childbirths

Some doctors have a reputation of C-Sections childbirths while others may be popular for natural childbirth success. Well, if you wish to have natural childbirth, then it is advisable for you to select the one who is known to result in maximum natural births.

3. Avoid gaining too much weight

Another way to avoid C-section delivery and have a natural childbirth is to avoid gaining too much weight. Labors go much more smoothly for those who haven’t gained too much weight and infact, the chances of having natural birth may also increase for them.

4. Opt for a low intervention pregnancy

If you are someone who doesn’t have any major complications, then try going for a low intervention pregnancy. It is true that some tests are important for you but avoid taking them unnecessarily or getting treated for every little problem.

5. Spend early labor at home

You can try spending the early labor phase at your home itself. Move around, take baths, drink, eat and go for walks until you start experiencing contractions at a gap of 5 minutes or less. This will help you increase your chances of natural childbirth.

6. Use as much water as possible

Another useful tip for having a natural childbirth is to use as much of water as possible. Some of the tools that you can make use of are shower, bath tub, a birthing pool and hot compresses. You will need to spend the maximum time in water to raise the chances of vaginal birth.

7. Implement pre natal education

Using all the pre natal education that you gained either from classes or from other people must be implemented in the best possible way during the early and late labor moments. You will need to breathe, relax yourself, meditate, move, change your positions every now and then, and do whatever it takes to calm you down. You can listen to music, get a massage from someone or try pregnancy yoga for as long as it is allowed.


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