Useful Tips on How to Get Pregnant Fast

Usually when women decide that they would like to get pregnant they want to know how to get pregnant fast.

For this there are a lot of things to know and the majority is based on the body of women. Since every woman is different, we can only speak about guidelines.

Covering the basics and getting pregnant fast

One of the first things that you have to do is to track the days between the first day of your period and the first day of the next period. Just as in many other cases, the solution is given by very simple math. If a woman knows that her cycle has 28 days, then that number of days minus 14 gives the day of ovulation.

WHow to Get Pregnant Fasthen asking how to get pregnant faster it is important to know the day of ovulation because this is the day that you have to work with. This means that if you ovulate on day 14, you should make sure to have intercourse on day 12, 14 and 16, the least.

It isn’t mandatory to have intercourse daily when it comes to how to get pregnant fast because sperm is able to survive in the reproductive tract of women for 48-72 hours, so if you ovulate on the day when you don’t have sex, there will still be sperm waiting for the mature egg.

Nowadays everybody is very busy so, even if women are thinking about getting pregnant fast, couples have sex only during the weekend. This is a pity because in many cases they miss the fertile window of the woman. Having sex close to ovulation increases the chances of getting pregnant.

In many cases women don’t have to wonder how to get pregnant faster because nature knows how to handle things. On the other hand busy women or those who have spouses that need to travel a lot may need to use some other tricks, such as ovulation kits, to ensure that they get pregnant in a short period of time.

Basal body temperature and getting pregnant fast

If you are asking how to get pregnant fast this is a trick that you could use. BBT can be tracked if you aren’t sure that you ovulate. The advantage of the method is that you will know when you ovulate and you can make sure that there will be sperm waiting for the egg. Although this is a good method, it has some limitations.

It may not be the best method to use if you are thinking about getting pregnant fast because it can tell you whether you ovulate or not, but it cannot predict ovulation. In fact, you find out about ovulation only after it happened, and so it doesn’t really help you with timing.

What you need to do if you are interested in how to get pregnant faster is to keep track of your BBT. This means that you have to measure the body temperature every day in the morning before getting out of bed and note it on a chart. The main point is to find a peak that suggests your ovulation.

Although the method works for some women, others are still asking how to get pregnant fast. This is because they don’t have a rise in temperature or it happens when ovulation already took place. It is possible that the changes occur days after ovulation. At that moment there is nothing left to do to get pregnant.

You may not want to use this method if you are thinking about getting pregnant fast because the results may not be accurate and it could get stressful to wake up every morning and to grab your thermometer.     The truth is that the ovulation kits are a lot more accurate and they are also easier to use.

Ovulation predictors

The women who would like to know how to get pregnant faster may want to use these kits. The main point is that they test for the hormones that are associated with ovulation. Usually they measure the level of LH or luteinizing hormone that is produced by the pituitary gland and that starts the ovulation process.

If you are interested in how to get pregnant fast you should know that there is a rise in the levels of this hormone 12-36 hours before ovulation happens. To make sure that the results are accurate, if you know that you ovulate on the 14th day of your cycle, start testing on the 11th day and repeat the test every day.

In case you are interested in getting pregnant fast, you should make sure to read the instructions and try to test your urine in the morning.

Now you know the answer to how to get pregnant faster and how to increase your chances of being a mother.


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