How to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant

There are many couples all over the world who are looking at the best ways to get pregnant. Healthy couples are said to be able to conceive at some point during the first year of trying but there are many who look for how to increase chances of getting pregnant.

Eat healthily to improve your chances

First of all, you will need to look at your lifestyle. It is important to be as healthy as possible to make sure that your body is ready to conceive. This will also help you throughout your pregnancy and labor. If you are not doing already, start by eating well and getting fit. This is very important for women so that the menstrual cycle is regular.pregnant

Fat controls the amount of hormones that are released from the body, especially estrogen. This has an effect on your menstrual cycle. Look into losing weight so that your body is within a healthy BMI.

If you are underweight, you will need to start looking at increasing your weight to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Being underweight will stop ovulation from happening.

Learn more about ovulation

When you come to looking for how to increase chances of getting pregnant, you need to start looking at your ovulation.

There are high chances that, as a woman, you have no idea when the best time to try for a baby is. You need to know when your body is releasing the egg, which for most is 14 days after the first day of the last period.

However, this is when a cycle lasts for 28 days, which is just an average. You can find out the length of your cycle by calculating the time between the first days of two periods. You can check online with an ovulation calculator, but you will also tell by taking your temperature; it will drop a little just before you start ovulating.

Have regular intercourse

If you really want to increase the chances of getting pregnant, you need to keep trying. The best thing that you can do is having intercourse on a regular basis, while keeping an eye out for the signs of ovulation. There are chances that you will miss the small window in the beginning but there are high chances that you will be successful.

If you know your cycle and your ovulation dates, have as much sex as you can during that window. The more sex you have, the more sperm there is to meet the egg. This will help to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Keep your stress levels to a minimum

Finding out how to increase chances of getting pregnant is a stressful time but you need to keep those levels to a minimum. The more stressed you are then the less chance of actually conceiving. It is a horrible cycle that is often difficult to get out of. If it has not happened in the first month, brush it off and try again the next month. Remember that it can take a year for a healthy couple of conceive.

Just have fun. You are more likely to conceive if you are having fun because this will also help to keep the stress levels low. Enjoy this time with your partner while finding out how to increase chances of getting pregnant. Once you are pregnant and have the baby, you will not get the alone time you do now.


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