Knowing About Pregnancy and Period Can Save You Confusion

There are many memorable and joyful moments that pregnant women experience during the entire period of pregnancy. Though it is a time full of anticipation, it is important to be well aware of the various symptoms and stages expected through the nine months of pregnancy.

One of most common issues of concern among pregnant mothers is pregnancy and period issues. It is not unusual for women to experience similar symptoms of periods during pregnancy. This causes great concern among pregnant women.

Understanding pregnancy and period issues

Pregnancy And Period

It is not uncommon for pregnant women to experience symptoms that are similar to periods in pregnancy. Actually one in every ten women experiences such symptoms during pregnancy. Bleeding or spotting which is common especially during the first trimester is the biggest concern among them.

What you should understand is that in the first weeks of pregnancy, particularly around the time that a period may have occurred, some women may experience similar symptoms of pregnancy and period like light bleeding or spotting and to some extent a heavy feeling.

This happens because your hormone levels which are constantly changing have not yet reached sufficient levels to prevent blood loss from parts of the womb not covered by the placenta.

However, if you have any worries about bleeding during the first trimester and experience the following symptoms, consult a medical professional for advice.

  • If you loose more than a few drops of bright red blood in early pregnancy.
  • If the bleeding is profuse and heavy. This may be fatal and may be caused by a placenta parting from the womb lining or a low lying placenta.
  • If experiencing moderate to severe backache or abdominal pain accompanied by any bleeding. Though these may be common symptoms of any pregnancy and period, it is important to always inform your doctor.

In biological sense, it is practically impossible to have regular menstrual periods during pregnancy as the periods would be shedding the uterus lining that helps nourish the developing baby in the womb. Therefore, the spotting or bleeding that you may be experiencing is caused by something else other than periods. One of the most common causes of period-like spotting and bleeding is known as decidual bleeding.

What is decidual bleeding?

This type of bleeding is mainly caused by the hormonal changes in your body resulting in loss of parts of the uterus lining. Decidual bleeding is mostly common in the early stages of pregnancy and mostly occurs before the uterus lining has completely attached itself to the placenta. This however is not a major cause of concern as it is the body’s way of dealing with the hormonal changes.

There are other reasons why bleeding or spotting may occur during pregnancy. Sometimes bleeding may be an indication of a complication and if you experience any abnormal bleeding during pregnancy, the best solution is to contact your doctor immediately. Constant monitoring of your bleeding is very crucial especially during the first trimester. Pregnancy and period symptoms have long been a concern among women but you should be assured that it is not possible to have periods during pregnancy.


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