Top 8 Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas

Maternity photo shoots are becoming a popular photo shoot idea with each passing day and why not! Pregnancy is a beautiful time for every woman and is a time when she looks beautiful, her skin glows and her baby bump shines! This is a great time for getting professional pictures clicked.  Many females are opting for maternity photo shoots these days with the purpose of preserving their pregnancy memories forever. The following are the 8 best maternity photo shoot ideas for you:

1. The Classic ¾ Shot

The classic ¾ shot


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This is one of the best maternity photo shoot idea. In this shot, ¾th of your body covering the baby bump is shot irrespective of whether the shoot is done in a studio or outdoors.  The ¾th shot makes sure that the attention is on your belly and your glowing skin.

2. Get the Partner in the Shot

Get the partner in the shot


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It is a great idea for your husband to be present in your maternity photo shoot shot. Your husband touching or kissing your belly while you sit or lie down makes for a superb shot.

3. Include the Sibling

Include the Sibling


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If your unborn baby has a sibling then including him in a few shots can make for a wonderful maternity album. Your elder one can play with your tummy or keep his ear down on it make for good maternity frames.

4. The belly Shot

The belly Shot

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This is one of the most common maternity photo shoot shots. It may not necessarily include the picture of your face but has a clear focus on the belly. If done in the right light and background settings, this shot can turn out great.

5. Wedding Band Shot

Wedding Band Shot

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This is another good idea for a maternity photo-shoot. In this shot, the basic idea is to include the wedding rings of you and your husband.  Let’s your husband’s hand rest on your belly and entangle with your fingers.

6. Silhouette shot

Silhouette shot

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These days, photographers have shifted their focus from traditional photography to creative photography. A silhouette shot of you with your belly makes for a great site and works magically for your maternity photo-shoot album.  This shot basically focusses on the curves of your body with your baby in the belly.

7. Artistic Nudes

Artistic Nudes

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If you are one of the daring types, then you can also go for an artistic nude shot.  This shot is like a nude shot with the exception that it plays with lights and camera settings in such a way that you don’t appear vulgar or cheap. You can also take help of lingerie to get lingerie maternity shot taken from the photographer. The basic idea is for you to show you belly.

8.  Use Props

Use Props


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There is no limit to the number of props you can use for a maternity photo-shoot. So if you have a creative photographer, then you can ask him to throw in some props in the shot and make it look different and unique. Some examples could be flowers, ribbon tied on your belly signifying your baby to be a gift or teddy bears etc.


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